ESC equipped vehicles now allowed 75mm lift

ByWes WhitworthSeptember 20, 2018
ESC equipped vehicles now allowed 75mm lift

Hot off the press today, we’ve just received information that the Minister for Transport and Main Roads in Queensland has confirmed changes to Queensland’s lift laws, apparently first introduced by the Newman Government in 2012. What this means for 4X4 owners in Queensland, is that once the laws are revised next month, they will be able to ‘self certify’ (lift without modification plate or engineers approval) to a maximum of a 75mm lift (50mm suspension + 25mm tyre height increase).

The statement released today states, “Next month we will be changing sections of the Queensland Code of Practice, which governs vehicle lift rules,” Mr Bailey said.

“These changes, which follow consultation between my department and industry, will raise the maximum lift certifiable in Queensland from 125mm to 150mm.

“Importantly, this will make Queensland’s maximum lift, with certification, consistent with the National Code Practice and other states.

“For vehicles with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), vehicle owners will be able to raise their vehicles up to 75mm (incorporating a maximum of 50mm suspension and 25mm tyre increase) without certification.*

“Queensland already allows such a lift for non-ESC equipped vehicles.

“The move to 75mm without certification, for ESC vehicles will ensure consistency with the rules in NSW and Victoria.”

At this time, no date has been given for the changes to take effect, except that it will be released in October this year.

Courtesy of a rather clever person on Facebook…

Industry group, 4WD Queensland has however asked a rather valid question of the Minister, “Whilst 4WD Queensland welcomes this direction in the revised codes, we still need to ask why there’s a significant Queensland Police Service crack down on vehicles which meet these limits now, when the minister confirmed in Parliament this week there was confusion in the current TMR guidelines, and these new codes were slated to be released 2 weeks after Operation Lift.”

This then further begs the question, if this change was already on the cards, why was “Operation Lift” even rolled out, and even more curious, those who were issued with defect notices for ESC equipped vehicles with a 75mm lift, are they still valid and do the fines need to be paid? We’ve sought comment from the Minister on this, and will write an update when / if we receive a response.

The official statement from the Minister can be found here.

*(emphasis added by mr4x4.com.au)