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Ford issue recall for Everest and Ranger

Another recall has hit the shelves this week, this time for the Ford Ranger and Everest.

The side airbags are the units under question in this recall. It’s not related to the gigantic Takata debacle that is affecting so many vehicles worldwide, nor is it as explosively dangerous.

Here is the direct quote from the recall: “The airbag initiators within the side airbag modules of certain Ranger and Everest vehicles may contain an incorrect chemical mixture.”

“This incorrect chemical mixture could cause the airbag inflator not to initiate, resulting in the side airbag not deploying in the event of a crash and increasing the risk of injury to occupants. As of date of publication, there have been no reported cases in Australia.”

So, the side airbags might not go off in the event of a crash. You’d probably want to get that looked into. Ford Rangers built between 29 October 2016 through 24 February 2017, and Everests built between 29 October 2016 through 27 January 2017 are the units under question.

Follow this link to see the full VIN list, and read the official recall.

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