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Jeep Grand Cherokee Recall: potentially dodgy alternator

Jeep Grand Cherokee sales softened off almost 50% in 2016.
Jeep Grand Cherokee sales softened off almost 50% in 2016.

Jeep has issued a recall on the Grand Cherokee 4X4, for some potential problems in the electrical circuit.

The recall notice says that the “alternator of the affected models may experience diode thermal fatigue due to cyclical loads induced by the electro-hydraulic power steering (EHPS).”

In short, if your alternator on your late-model Grand Cherokee carks it, or you’re going through batteries too often, give Jeep a call to get it sorted out. There is also a chance of the diode really going belly-up and shorting out, which could lead to all sorts of exciting stories to tell around the campfire.

The recall affects 9,566 vehicles in total, also including the Chrysler 300C sedan. Based on that, we’re going to assume it’s vehicles with the 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 that are affected.

Follow this link to read more about the recall, and see the full list of affected vehicles.




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  • Jeep are aware of issue and just agreed to tow my diesel to the dealership for assessment. Sounds like recall is to occur shortly.

    • My JGC Overland shut down yesterday. Info panel went crazy flashing up all error messages and intermittently turning on wipers. Then shut down luckily I had managed to pull into a safe place. RAC attended and advised alternator not producing anything. Towed to RAC repair shop as nothing else open. Will be speaking to local Jeep dealership tomorrow.

  • Looks like I’m joining the list. MY2014 Grand Cherokee 3.0 Diesel, 160000k alternator has stopped charging. I need the vehicle now so I suppose it will have to be an aftermarket replacement. I love the vehicle but it might be the last Jeep I ever buy.

  • Just happened to me on my my14 diesel with 110k. Scary stuff! Got the runaround from every service centre in Sydney saying there is no recall. Tynan at Kirawee were incredibly helpful and told me to contact Jeep Australia customer service 1300 133 079. While they don’t have an official recall yet, they are aware of the issue and have a process in place for the alternator on diesel models. They’re sending a tow truck and organising repairs. See how we go…

    • How did you fare with JEEP Australia? I had exactly the same alternator issue yesterday on my MY14 with diesel 80K.

  • 2013 diesel. Just happened last week. 100k on the odometer. Died in the middle of the road. Thankfully I was driving and not the wife with young children in the car.

  • I am in exactly the same boat. 2013 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk died in traffic last August with about 1 min warning after battery light came on. Replaced the alternator at Jeep Dealer (who was just around the corner from where it broke down) but had to source my own alternator which Dealer fitted. Dealer suggested they could not get one from the States for several months! Mine was from a reputable auto electrician and was a authentic Jeep part. Now, the same thing has happened 8 months and 20K later. Jeep complaints line was sympathetic but offered no solution other than take it to a dealer for assessment.

  • My 2013 Diesel Trailhawk just had the same issue. Now parked about 25 mins away and Ubered home. battery warning light then all manner of electrical issues. engine tried to compensate by increased revs, wouldnt change out of first gear, radio cut out and when we found a safe place to park it just stopped.

    • Hi Dave last night same happened to me on my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD as it happened normal drive the engine started with revs over 1500 RPM the battery warning light appeared lost infotainment dashboard gone crazy as I pulled over the lemon lost all the power
      When I investigated my problem I noticed the Alternator was so overheated I couldn’t touch it so I knew what to do quickly I disconnected battery terminals to prevent catching fire
      Not happy FCA

  • My 2011 Grand Cherokee Diesel has done the exact thing as Mr Ian Rolfe has described ( but I didnt get 30km out off a new battery change ). The car shut down in the middle of a busy intersection with on coming traffic. I speak with the local dealer and they say oh it wont be the alternator. Everyone reporting the diesel issue is incorrect and it will be something else so bring it in and we will check it ( at $150 an hour ). We managed to jump start it ( 3 times ) to get it to an auto electrician who has confirmed it is the Alternator that is shot on a car that has travelled 56,000km’s. The start button as someone else has described also will not engage on the first or second try. Jeeps answer is no fault found ( or as we no call it the NFF150 diagnosis ). Jeep have told me I have to pay to get it replaced but if they were to issue a recall in the next 6 months ( they wont ) then we can claim it back……. Still doesnt take away the danger aspect.
    I cannot NOT recommend these Vehicles strong enough. It has had recall after recall, $4000 spent on a leaking power steering rack lights blow every 3 – 6 months at $400 a pop and the list goes on.
    Please read everyones comments here and please dont put yourself into the position of pain and angst caused by this piece of rubbish

    • Same with my WK2 2013 60,000 Kim’s this month July 2019. Scary situation. With my trusted mechanic now and will be taking issue with Chrysler/ Jeep Melbourne. In 5 years had 3 blown HD bulbs blow and luckily replaced under warranty and good will. Each blew within months of instillation. Probably installed without use of rubber gloves. Bulbs quoted @ over $300 each by local dealership. Purchased exactly same Osram bulbs on eBay from China @ $100 for 2 bulbs with no postage. Fitted myself with gloves and no problem since. I would also have reservations in recommending JGC which is unfortunate because the vehicle otherwise is a great ride and tows well.

  • From the various comments posted here relating to the 3.0ltr CRD it appears our friends at FCA are reluctant to address this potentially dangerous safety issue.

    My (Jan) 2013 GC 3.0ltr with 106Ks has just developed the same problem. Replaced the battery as I assumed it had reached its ‘used by date’ and promptly told the commander of the household that “all was well” (didn’t bother to check the charge rate with the new battery installed – bad mistake).

    Vehicle drove for approximately 30ks until new battery voltage depleted and promptly ‘gave up the ghost’.

    I have ordered a new alternator from Jeep but intend to take the issue up with FCA in the first instance and inform ACCC of this safety issue.

    There are details regarding the reporting procedure on the following Dept. of Infrastructure, Regional Development & Cities (DIRDC) webpage.

    Reporting a Vehicle Safety or Non-Compliance Issue

    Due to the national implications of this issue I don’t believe the Fair Trading Depts. in the various jurisdictions are the right people with whom you would lodge your complaint.

    It would be advantageous if all Jeep owners with this ‘alternator issue’ formally complained to DIRDC

    I would be happy co-ordinate this exercise but require all relevant information from vehicle owners.

    • Hey Ian,

      Just happened on my 2013 my14 3.0 diesel CRD 110k. So dangerous. My mechanic has confirmed it is the alternator. Called Jeep to confirm, no recall has been issued.

      Have you made any progress with action?

      Cheers, Dan.

  • Ok add mine to the list.
    2013 diesel 70km alternater packed it in, lucky wife in the drive way, shut the whole car down, kaput.
    This is a potentially dangerous if you were driving in traffic or highway situation.
    Petrol supposedly covered but not the diesel models, don’t understand?
    Me thinks that if everybody with diesel models takes this up with the Office of Fair Trading (NSW) in their state and lodges the complaints we may be able to get this addressed, as they are knowingly ignoring the issue and putting lives at risk, I’m no lawyer but if you have admitted the problem on the similar vehicle that should carry some weight.
    Maybe should talk to a lawyer!

  • 2011 GC Laredo CRD alternator died a 88k. Not impressed. Why no recall on CRD. Electrics seem to be same as recalled models. FCA have need to justify CRD being excluded.

  • 2014 Grand Cherokee Overland 3.0 Diesel at 85k died in traffic. Lost all electrics. Locked in park, couldn’t move it.
    Alternator died without any warning. Very dangerous. I see where there has been a recall on petrol models only. Why?

  • we have a grand cherokee 2013 & had our alternator replaced under the recall in august 2018 and since then my car will randomly not start.. do you think this has something to do with the alternator? we replaced the battery thinking it was that, but it still randomly doesnt start. quite frustrating, especially when i have two toddlers in the car.

  • 2014 Jeep GC. 3.0 Diesel. Alternator stops charging the batter, then starts charging again at random times. Mechanic says I should go to a Jeep Dealer for the recall, but it looks like the recall is for Petrol only. Any updates from any winners out there?

  • CRD Grand Cherokee, bought late July 2018, alternator and battery died late August 2018, replaced under used car warranty. Just happened again yesterday, WTF.
    I live in the hills east of Melbourne, it is extremely dangerous to loose power steering and brakes in this area.
    How do we force FCA to include our vehicles in recall?

  • Two weeks ago, 3 days before driving up to Qld from Sydney for vacation. Broke down in scorching heat with 3 kids in the car. Steering locked, abs light when on. My jeep is done 51000kms, its a baby still. Took it to hartland Jeep Chullora, Quoted me $5.5k for alternator and computer module and refused to give a report for it. Dodgy they were never again! 1 week Prior at hartland jeep spent $2300 on service, powersteering oil still low, and light needed to be changed, charged me $700 for it and never changed it. Called FCA advised alternator fault only on petrol not diesel. Dead end for me. Most electricians/mechanics say it a recall for both diesel and petrol cherokes. Need to be investigated and we need all owners to be reimburst.

  • Is this planned obsolescence!
    My 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee alternator also gave up with flashing console and loss of power steering yesterday, 30/12/18.
    ABS also made braking hazardous. This on a main highway with holiday traffic!
    Not impressed and will take advice!

  • Same thing just occurred to our WK JGC CRD with just over 100,000 km on the clock. This is on the back of replacement air conditioning unit and serpentine belt tensioner pulley totalling over $4K. Worst car I have ever purchased in terms of reliability.

  • 2012 JGC Overland CRD alternator failed in highway traffic half way round a bend and loss of power steering, Thank goodness all okay, but seems to be a very common fault with diesels as well. Take notice FCA, when is this recall coming

    • Same car, same problem. My WK2 Diesel just completely shutdown along the highway and went into some strange recovery mode that was very scary for my wife and 3 kids. Mechanic has since told me the battery and alternator need replacing, coming on the back of a $2500 service only 2 months ago. Looks like there no trip to Brissy for Xmas our family … very frustrating Jeep and FCA.

    • My alternator went in my 2012 grand cherokee diesel yesterday. $1088 to fix with nrma. Not what I needed at Xmas time. Getting rid of it as too many problems with mine lately.

  • Same problem. 2012 Grand Cherokee 3.0 litre diesel. Only 122000 km. Alternator died while driving. Everything shuts down. Very lucky to have it happen in a relatively safe spot.

  • 2014 Grand cherokee 3.0 Diesel at 55k alternator died. FCA would not fix saying only petrol versions are affected. I don’t think so.. all the grand Cherokee models are faulty..

    • My diesel 2012 went last night – alternator says the nrma- i have 120k on it – shouldnt have happened – will be investigating more tomorrow

  • Yet another Jeep major issue, who in their right mind would buy a piece of American crap without any back up or support worth mentioning.

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