The Foton Sauvana 4X4 coming to Australia

The Foton Sauvana - coming soon to Australia.
The Foton Sauvana - coming soon to Australia.

There’s another 4X4 wagon coming to Australia from China, called the Foton Sauvana. Like many other seven-seat 4X4s in Australia, the Sauvana is based off the sibling ute. In this case, it’s the Tunland ute. Running the same chassis and driveline, a wagon body is plonked on in place of the ute.

Like the Tunland, there is the 2.8-litre four cylinder turbo diesel sourced via American manufacturer Cummins. This makes 130kW and 360Nm, running through either a six-speed automatic or five-speed manual gearbox. There is also an option of 2.0-litre turbo petrol, but this probably won’t be offered in Australia.

Unlike the Tunland’s traditional part-time 4WD setup, the Foton Sauvana uses an ‘ATTESA E-TS’ AWD system. If you’re thinking you’ve heard of this before, you’re right. It’s a driveline setup was developed by Nissan in 1989, debuting on the legendary and pioneering R32 Skyline GT-R and GTS-4. It uses a system of clutch packs in the transfer case, controlled by hydraulic fluid, to divert up to 50% of torque to the front end, which will then behave like a true 4X4 system.

The Foton Sauvana will compete at the entry level of the market, with a price that approaches $40,000.
The Foton Sauvana will compete at the entry level of the market, with a price that approaches $40,000.

The video lists Hill Descent Control, Hill Start Assist and Electronic Stability Control on the Sauvana, along with a 600mm wading depth and 3,000kg towing capacity. It’s a true seven-seater, with a third row that folds flat into the floor and six airbags. Foton has reportedly followed the Toyota Fortuner with their design, but we can see plenty of Ford Everest in the looks department,

Foton is running through a new network of 25 dealers around the country. The Sauvana and Tunland will also be joined by the Aumark Light Truck and View Van, which will be launching soon.


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  • Hi, I am interested to know how certain Caravan Manufacturers can get away ‘illegally’ with the height of their Rear Lights!
    Surely something has to be done to stop this from happening as it is the owner who has to face the consequences from the Police and Inspectors out there.
    Where do we go for any assistance in this matter?

  • I followed one of these Foton utes the other day.

    The rear diff and axle tubes looked about the right size for a Jimny.

    I imagine one small jump would see it bent.

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