Got an ATV or quad bike? The Uniden XTRAK 40 could be your ideal UHF

ByEmma RyanJune 24, 2019
Got an ATV or quad bike? The Uniden XTRAK 40 could be your ideal UHF

Uniden has targeted the ATV and quad bike crowd with its robust XTRAK 40 in vehicle UHF radio. This IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof CB radio is ideal for use in any exposed or open vehicle thanks to its tough design that Uniden says was crafted to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

The XTRAK 40’s compact design allows it to fit into most vehicles, while the dual speakers in both the heavy-duty speaker microphone and the CB radio case allow the user to hear communications clearly, even in loud environments or while operating noisy equipment. But if the message is missed, the instant replay function records up to three minutes of transmission allowing the user to replay the conversation.

And if radio communication is interrupted within a group of users, the Master Scan function automatically transfers all radios within the group to another available channel for seamless communication. Users can monitor more than one channel via the triple watch function, which allows up to two channels plus the standby channel to be monitored every 1.5 seconds.

For anyone seeking a hardy, compact UHF designed for open vehicle use, the Uniden XTRAK 40 is one to consider.