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Great Wall Steed 4X4 lands in Australia

2016 Great Wall Steed
2016 Great Wall Steed

Great Wall Motors is back in Australia. The last time the Chinese carmaker made an attempt on the Australian market, things didn’t turn out so well. Centred around an apparent dispute between the manufacturers and distributors, the importing and marketing of Great Wall utes ground to a halt.

They have an all-new model for the Australian market. It’s called the ‘Great Wall Steed’, and the first of its ilk has just landed.

Not all 4WDers are keen on the Great Wall brand, but some have gotten behind it. And other have even modified their Great Wall.

Effectively replacing the now redundant V200 and V240 4X4 models, the Great Wall Steed will slot into the budget end of the ute market, competing with the likes of Foton’s Tunland, JCM’s Vigus and to an extent, the Mitsubishi Triton.

2016 Great Wall Steed
2016 Great Wall Steed

Great Wall is quite confident that the relaunch of the brand, which is the best selling utility brand in China, will be more successful and long-lasting than last time around.

“We will launch with a three model line-up boasting a rugged new design, high levels of safety, one-tonne payload and very attractive price points for Australian customers.

“The line-up will include three dual cab versions – a 4×4 diesel, 4×2 diesel and 4×2 petrol – with ESP and six airbags standard on all three models.

Pricing and extra information on the Great Wall Steed will come out at the vehicle’s launch, and it will go on sale at some stage in September.



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  • Purcell you are truly kidding when you compare a Great Wall Steed to a Mitsubishi Triton. You Keyboard Goobers really are a joke. Your talking about the third highest selling 4×4 Dual Cab in Australia which outsell the Amarok 3 to 1. We all know Amarok is German for “No F@4K%&g Transfer Case. To What “Extend” does your journalistic turned mechanical opinions relate. For starters most of the running gear in a Triton is bullet proof!!! The Mivec 2.4 Diesel is a solid unit 133/430, unlike Pat’s Wheezy Amarok, also fitted to the Triton are Aisin Auto’s, diffs and transfer case. Did I mention it has Transfer Case. Oh yes it also has the Super Select 2 which is a brilliant piece of kit. Mate the buying public, yes the ones that shell out the clams to get the 4WD’s
    don’t need to have these comments blurted out by ill informed journo’s. I have had 6 Dual Cabs, 2 x Nissans, 2x Rangers, 1 xToyota and 1 x Triton. I test drove an Amarok which was gutless in the 4 Cylinder version (both Variants) and one with 300kms on board was crunching in second and third WTF. I wasn’t interested in an Auto with no Transfer even in V6 guise. I can state the Ranger was probably the best but the Toyota and my current Triton were not far behind. Certainly not in Great Wall Company, they are simply Chinese garbage !!!

  • mate read your post regarding the ssangyong range have you ever owned one i have owned 2 in fact i still have one a chairman the 3.2 straight six the other i owned was the musso firstly the musso with the tried and true 5 pot diesel took it everywhere tanami track twice the gunbarrel across the gulf savanah also the cape and other shorter trips the only thing that pissed me off was i had to custom make the bullbar and side protection bars also the stupid rear seat armrests apart from that a supurb piece of machinery wold have anothe one if i could get one oh bty i used to run remote area safaris in the 80’s and tried a heap of different vehicles toyota nissan and oka also the perenti if i had been able to buy a musso then in the spec that i wanted the others would not have got a look in and the saloon i still have is the chairman with 222000k on the clock still as tight as the day i got it a superb bit of kit quite comfortable economical and superb fit and finish so unless you have owned them and operated them dont talk about what you dont know

  • apparently because “not many people out there knew that it was powered by the great Mitsubishi Company”, this somehow makes these Chinese made heaps of shit more appealing and more reliable. …. really ?
    All it is is the old technology watered down and then all the parts laying around in the Mitsubishi parts bin has been bolted together and flogged off cheap to Great Wall. Same as Ssangyong using the “German Mercedes engine”….no, it’s no German. The Mercedes badge is German however that’s where their German quality ends ! It is built in Korea under licence to Mercedes. Layman’s term means Ssangyong paid thousands to Mercedes to allow them to then sell that vehicle under the premise that is has a “Mercedes engine”. South Korea is a long way from the German factories……Now that all the engine design faults are starting to raise their ugly and VERY EXPENSIVE heads, Mercedes are not at fault at all nor liable as they didn’t build the motor, they just let Ssangyong use their Benz emblem……..shift the blame and liability ! Making sense now folks doesn’t it. I would touch one of these heaps of cheap Chinese crap if you paid me ! Worst asbestos filled piece of sh*t to ever be dumped on our shores……….no worries, dump all this sh*t on the dumb Australian’s, they’ll happily take or the cheap stuff while it drives their car industry into the ground !

  • Great value for your money and better quality than the earlier models.

    Ideal for anyone looking for an affordable 4×2 or 4×4 dual cab quite which is well appointed and if this motor vehicle was manufactured in Japan or Thailand it would sell for an extra $15,000.

    Great Wall know that they have to build these motor vehicles to a higher quality standard to remain competitive and survive in our market and other western countries.

    They will cop criticism from other well known and established brand 4 x2 and 4 x 4 dual cab ute manufacturers with a much higher price tag and the fact that Chinese labour / wages are a lot less therefore the reason why the Great Wall sells so cheap here which represents great value for your money.

  • Great Wall has been a really great vehicle here in Australia, but has been misjudged by many people and I can tell you that I have had my Great Wall 4WD since it came onto the market and not many people out there knew that it was powered by the great Mitsubishi Company.
    This vehicle has been everywhere and has clocked up some 500 thousand kilometres and still going strong and the new Great Wall will even be better and will be widely used by Tradies, Farmers, Weekenders and alike and it offers really great pulling power for those with Campervans, Horse Floats, Boats and Trailers.

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