HSV Colorado to have Cooper Zeon LTZ Pro as standard

ByWes WhitworthDecember 8, 2017
HSV Colorado to have Cooper Zeon LTZ Pro as standard

With the announcement of the new HSV Colorado SportsCat and SportsCat+, Cooper Tires have been selected to supply the Cooper Zeon LTZ Pro to compliment the new HSV’s.

Both the SportsCat and SportsCat+ will feature the LTZ Pro, in the 285/60 R18 configuration. With Holden and HSV setting out to make the SportsCats the “most stylish and advanced sports pick up on the market” it only makes sense for Cooper Tires to be onboard with their cutting edge LTZ Pro.

Andrew James, Business Development Manager at ETD, said “Cooper Tires has historically focussed on 4WD after-market tyres that are fit for purpose. We were the first to offer a mileage warranty of up to 80,000 kms and we have been delivering peace of mind to 4×4 owners for nearly 30 years. We are very proud to bring this level of technology to the Australian market. Cooper Tires offers a complete range of 4WD, SUV and Car tyres to suit all kinds of vehicles and drivers.

The Cooper Zeon LTZPRO tyre is the end result of the same commitment to research and development that enables Cooper to deliver outstanding design, engineering and performance capabilities – exactly what HSV specified for the new HSV Colorado SportsCat”

The LTZ Pro offeres the following features:

  • Robust biting saw tooth edges for harsh terrain and enhanced traction in soft dirt applications
  • Enhanced buttress sidewall design for better traction off-road and aggressive look
  • Offset scalloped shoulder lugs for all terrain traction
  • Centre tie bars for straight line directional stability
  • 5-rib tread design for tarmac performance and block stability
  • Dual “Z” shaped sipes for better traction on-road