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Jeep’s New Special Edition Night Eagle Models

Jeep has gone dark for a new special edition, but is it worth your money?

Jeep has announced that for its new Grand Cherokee and Cherokee models there will be a fresh option pack to select from called Night Eagle. As the name implies this latest special edition predominantly focuses on making your Jeep look meaner than before, but without the silly angry-eyed headlights, blacking out grilles, badges, and window surrounds. Being released as a limited run only, Jeep has based the Night Eagle release on the impressive success of the Blackhawk editions.

Jeep’s director of brand and product strategy Guillaume Drelon claims that the Night Eagle edition is a strategic purchase for customers providing added value. He said, “We’re excited to bring two Night Eagle special editions to Australian customers, delivering a consistent sleek, urban dark-look variant for both Grand Cherokee and Cherokee as well as value with almost 50 percent customer advantage on the added content”.

The value Mr Drelon refers to isn’t just the added black paint splashed around the vehicle but on both the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee you do get some useful extras included. On the Grand Cherokee it includes a UConnect 8.4-inch Navigation Unit with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, deep tint privacy glass, 20-inch blacked-out alloy wheels, all-black Capri leather trimmed seats and a single-pane sunroof as standard. On the Cherokee Night Eagle edition you get the same UConnect 8.4-inch Navigation Unit with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, as well as gloss black enhancements such as 18-inch alloy wheels, front and rear fascia, roof rails and seven-slot Jeep grille. The Cherokee Night Eagle also includes the Longitude Technology Package, which features adaptive cruise control as well as stop and parallel park assist.

These special editions will be based on the Grand Cherokee Laredo and Cherokee Longitude, the cheapest AWD variants in each model. The Grand Cherokee Night Eagle is claimed to offer $10,400 worth of value at only $5,500 more at $58,450 MSRP plus on roads. While the Cherokee Night Eagle apparently offers $6,400 worth of value for only $3,200 more at $45,150 MSRP plus on roads.

Do you think these special editions are providing added value or are they just a sticker pack with manufacturers trying to make a quick extra buck?


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  • Don’t go to the 6 instead of 8, look what happen when you went from 3.0 to 2.8 in the Hilux, you lost all your customers to the ranger

  • “providing the power to cover long distances of any condition easily, and the capacity to tow 3.5-tonne vans without straining”
    Wow, rose coloured glasses much?
    First off you don’t need “power” to cover long distances .
    Secondly I wouldn’t say a vehicle can tow it’s maximum capacity “without straining” considering in this case that there is roughly only 400kg of payload left available once you are at that point.
    While they are good trucks, they aren’t the be all and end all.
    They are very expensive relics of a time when displacement was the answer to engineer’s problems and emissions control was not the known issue it is now.

  • Knowing Jeep and the Italians intimately, the so called retail value is just a pure marketing ploy with little intrinsic value. Black is totally unsuited to our country’s conditions and therefore only drug dealers and would be’s will be the target market.

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