If you don’t know your SLS from your HDC, or your tdi from your td5? It might be worth taking this short crash course on Land Rover Discovery history. It’s a short, sharp and to-the-point video produced by Land Rover as a part of the launch of the all-new Discovery, which is the next big development in the product’s history.

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The original Land Rover was, in a lot of ways, a re-bodied Range Rover Classic, that was able to capitalise on the Rangie’s success and forge a new market in between luxury and the rough workhorse of the One Ten/Defender. It had live axles back then, and kicked off some design cues that still live to this day.

The new one is a fifth-generation, built atop a third new platform for the model. Interestingly, it has gone back to that old trick of stealing from the Range Rover, with it’s new aluminium monocoque chassis.