Nissan Titan is coming to Australia!

It’s no secret that the Aussie ute market is really taking off. Ute sales have owned the top selling segment for more than a little while now, I mean, the Toyota HiLux outsold the entire Holden range last month. So on the back of some reasonably solid Navara sales figures, Nissan Australia have now confirmed: Titan is coming to Australia!

2017 Nissan TITAN Crew Cab
Got a decent budget for a serious tow rig? You better add another option onto the list …

Nissan Australia’s Managing Director, Stephen Lester, has said that he is pushing to have the Titan launched in Australia, as soon as possible.

“There are definitely plans to expand. Even within Navara we’ve seen the development of special versions support the growth of that car, and we’ll see that continue for sure,” Mr Lester said.

“But I also believe a vehicle like Titan would make perfect sense for Australia. We’ve been hard at it with the global team to push for this, and we’ll stay hard at it, because I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

The Titan that they’re looking to bring Down Under initially will have a towing capacity of around 5.2 tonnes, and have a payload of a touch over 900kg. When we get a firm date of introduction, we’ll give you all the hard facts and figures of the model and let you know when exactly we can expect to see it.

2017 Nissan TITAN Crew Cab
It’s gone from ‘Maybe we’ll bring it Down Under’ to ‘It’s coming soon!’

We try to cover everything happening in the Aussie market, as well as a few snippets of the crazy stuff the Yanks seem to always be up to. We see the odd comment of ‘Why do you keep posting American utes?’, and the answer is quite simple. Over the past few years more and more of the American utes are coming to Australia, and are being exceptionally well-received – look at the RAM and Silverado. Now that the Titan is coming to Australia, that gives punters another full-size ute to weigh up, and hopefully we’ll see more and more coming to our shores.


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  • The single cab version with a gvm upgrade to 4490 has a carrying capacity of 1400 kg . It will carry a decent slide on camper with all the creature comforts of a caravan , extra fuel ,200 litres of water and 2 people . If you want an auto transmission there is NO other truck in Australia under 4.5 t GVM with this carrying capacity .Plus it will tow a caravan up to 4.5 t

  • About time. Since Ford pulled the F250 over 10 years ago there has not been an affordable tow vehicle that is also a ute available new in Australia. Only the Ram1500 Express at $79990 drive away comes even close. None of the Tonka cr@p with tiny little hand grenade diesels can realistically tow more than about 2500kg safely and without compromising their GVW. Even the way over-priced 200 Series Toyota needs an expensive GVW upgrade to tow much more than 2500kg if you want to put anything other than passengers in it.
    I have been considering a Ram1500 Express but will wait and see what the Titan pricing is like. If they are diesel only I’ll buy a low km used Ram with a V8 petrol engine, hopefully their price will be forced down by the price of the Titan.

  • I do not think people are not only complaining about the “American” ute promotion. I believe it is more about the absurd “Australia Tax” that seems to apply to so many goods and one of those goods being promoted and spoken about, that compared to its sale price in the US, is between double and four times the price it is when sold in Australia.
    Having planned myself on buying a Dodge Ram 2500, to the point of having one brought to my local dealership for a weekend test drive, it was the absurd price of a so called “base model” and then still needing to fork out more for the most basic of extras which had me perplexed. I could buy a small Isuzu truck or the like, dual cab with better ground clearance and retaining 4wd capabilities, I believe a more flexible usability, same capacities some with even better towing and load carrying, similar dimensions and performance while having a lower total price and having plenty left to buy these extras. When I brought it up with the dealership I was told the RAM was a “better suited usable vehicle” when in reality it is the same as trying to claim an SUV with AWD on demand is the same as a 4WD.

  • What get me in todays market in 4×4 is that all 4×4 can towe 3 ton thats fine good on them. Now the problem is if you have a normal car lic which is gross weigh of 4500kgs that everthing car trailer and load can exseed 4.5 ton . If you over you drving out of lic. You may say what the big deal with that you have a little miss hap lol as we say. You can be find and your insurance come will dump you . Bit like driving over .05 the walk away and leave you hang with all the bills . One you should not even be on the road with that 4×4 with that load or caravan or boat trailer . I know.

    • C license is limited to 4500 GVM, not GCM. So thats towing vehicle GVM 4500 plus whatever it is towing up to the GCM of the towing vehicle.

    • mate a car licence allows you to drive any vehicle up to 4.5 ton CVM then on top of that you can tow a trailer up to the tow vehicles GCM which could be up to 9 tons. FACT.

  • I’m a bit confused is the Titan made in Japan or the States. If Japan I expect making RHD versions should be easier for that RHD country than in the States. So the question is will we be getting factory RHD units or another costly conversion mark up here in Aust. Being a heavy caravan tower I’m all for these big Utes coming. Much more user friendly and safer than the piss ant Utes we get trying to tow 3.5T.

  • Oh good…….here comes another over sized over rated penis compensator from the States. In a time when fuel prices are already through the roof and ever climbing, we have the UN pushing “pollution police” out to get every man and his farting dog for “carbon” pollution, a tax on a vehicles weight, a new tax being pushed for pollution through more fuel excise, Euro 6 emissions which killed of the Patrol’s diesel engine ( after the ghastly 3.0 lemon ) , and a HUGE push on electric cars so we can all hug a tree and feel good – do they ( Nissan Australia ) honestly see a market here for one of these big gas guzzling heaps of sh*t ? Fair dinkum !!!!
    Why do you think vehicles like the D-Max, the Colorado’s, the Amarok’s, Hilux’s etc are selling so well ?
    It’s because they have a decent towing and carrying capacity and they don’t use 20 litres per 100 k’s like the good old 80 series Cruisers and GU 4.2’s….
    These unnecessary and un-needed shit wank tanks, coming from a country that is obsessed with the “biggest is best” mentality, will end up slotting into the over glorified Toorak trolleys category just like the current crop of Range Rover Vogues and SRT Cherokee’s you see on the roads and never off them……..

    Thanks but no thanks…………………….. NEXT !

    • Find myself agreeing whole heartedly with this post. B.T.W. I own a Patrol which has a 3 liter engine, and it’s going just fine thank you. You need to get over the earlier hand grenades. Also, news for Nissan, how come European manufacturers can develop and build an diesel engine which complies with Euro standards ??????????? There’s heaps of diesel engines that would slot straight into a patrol. A nice 4.2. V 6 or 8 would do the job thanks, no need for a crappy Yank tank.

  • nobody needs to tow 5 tonne, but every self respecting ute onwer wants to carry more than 900kg in accessories and gear? why not put some decent suspension and tyres on it and boost the payload to 1500kg? you would sell millions?

    • Australia tax and none are made RHD in the factory so they all have to go through a conversion worth over $40,000+ supposedly.

  • For all those whinging about 900kg payload, realise this largely a regulatory thing due to the weight of the vehicle and the max allowed GVM on a car licence (which is probably what they want to register it as to reach as many of the potential buyers as possible). It doesn’t necessarily reflect the true engineering design limitation of the vehicle.

  • I’m all for the yank utes. Finally a 4bee with real power. I’m still a Toyota guy so the Tundra is for me but great to see them getting here through the actual dealers. Landcruiser Ute is most gutsy but not so comfy for long runs. Never been a fan of 4 and 6cyl utes. No power and they break easy. Crap on beaches too.

  • The first 6 seat Ute that comes to Australia that isn’t stupidly priced will kill it. Heaps of us driving prados and other 7 seat suv’s As there is no Ute option for us

    • Depends on the trim options they bring in, as for example, only the approximately $140,000 Dodge RAM 2500 LARAMIE 4X4 CREW CAB offers 6 seats where as the approx $115,000 1500 LARAMIE only has 5 despite it having a 6 seat option in the USA. Also only the 2500 had a diesel option, who knows how much the price would have risen after that box being ticked.

  • It wont be as it appears as it never is. Believe it when l see it and l am sure they will manage to put so crappie little engine in it.

  • Article Title: Nissan Titan is coming to Australia!

    Article Text: Nissan’s MD wants a RHD Nissan Titan to come to Australia, but there is zero mention of it being a done deal.

    Base model dual-cab 4×4 Cummins V8 Diesel is US$40K (AU$56K). Plus conversion. Plus “Big US truck in Australia” markup …. I reckon we’re looking at about AU$80 – 90K

    • None of the automakers are making factory RHD full-size pickup trucks – and that’s not going to change because the economics of doing so just for the Australian market (and a few other even smaller ones like NZ) just don’t stack up.

      Put it in perspective, in first place there were almost 4000 Hilux utes sold in Australia in January. In the same month, there were 72,000 Ford F-150 trucks sold in North America alone.
      Yeah the Australian employees of Toyota, Nissan, Ford and the like would love a full-size truck to sell and yeah they would sell well here, and yeah they keep pushing and pushing for their global companies to make them in LHD – but it will always hit a brick wall.

      Conversions from LHD to RHD here in AU will continue to be the only feasible path, and that means 6 digit price tags minimum for anyone who wants one.
      I work at Ford, on Ranger and spend a lot of time with the Truck team in North America, and this is a topic that comes up constantly.

  • All these yank utes have great tow capacity but relatively poor payload. 900kg for a big ute is poor and not as good as a smaller Dmax. Fix that and price them reasonably and they will be a winner.

    • That’s generally not because they can’t physically manage to carry more weight, their rear axles are normally quite capable of it. The problem is two fold, super heavy spring vs make for rubbish light load ride quality, which ever one bitches about, but the real issue in Aus is that due to the high tare weight, it doesn’t leave much room for ‘payload’ up to the maximum permissible GVM on a car licence.

      The Iveco Daily 4×4 runs into the same ‘small payload’ problem on paper, unless you register it on a truck licence in which case it magically goes up by nearly a tonne.

    • The quoted payload is constrained by 4500kg GVM limit on a car license, which they will want to keep so it sells, rather than the ability of the vehicle.

  • Nothing in what the Nissan exec said confirms that the Titan is actually coming here. Nissan Aus want it, and are pressing for it, but nothing has been agreed. So the article is misleading.

    And it is unlikely that Nissan themselves wouldn’t want to sell an LHD, and it is not built in RHD, so no actual plan exists yet to sell it here.

    So their only option is to consider having it converted here, and selling it at the sort of high price that RAMs and Silverados sell at. Hmmm. Can’t see the value in any of those options.

    Hope is one thing, reality another.

  • I wonder if I can get one with a Detroit V12 two stroke diesel ? Just sick to death of mouse wheel powered dinky toy pretend 4×4’s….

  • We saw one as a raffle prize at the Melbourne Caravan and Camping Super Show . It looked brilliant , huge but brilliant . Cummins power ….yes please .

  • I have owned big ute for over 15 years now, an F250 for 12 and the RAM for over 3 and finally to see a RHD factory built truck coming to Australia again will give an offering you don’t have to mortgage your house to buy. Once you own one of these utes and you tow big stuff there is no going back they truly are the best.

    • Yep – saw one in the main street of Kalgoorlie last week. I thought it looked OK – certainly no worse than any of the other Yank trucks on the market here.

  • There is a high percentage of mid sized dualcab and wagons towing well outside their comfort zones and specifications putting road users at risk. This type of vehicle is well overdue in Australia in factory RHD and reasonable pricing. I sincerely hope that Nissan brings this vehicle to Australia, I believe there is a huge market for it. A full sized factory RHD pickup is well overdue.

  • But no Terra? Nissan really don’t give a toss about the family off roader anymore. Since they dumped the diesel patrol, they’ve had a choice of SFA, or an Everest.
    Just what we need, another giant bl**Dy ute on the roads. They should follow the lead of stupid decisions made with the patrol and only make it available with a 5 litre petrol engine.

  • The Titan is not currently in RHD production for any world market. Do Nissan intend to convert the trucks in Australia like Walkinshaw is currently doing with the RAM?

      • entire Holden range are now German opals. Crap in Germany Crap here. What I really need is something in between current twin cab and big yank ute with at least 5lt motor

        • Spot on! Been saying it for years. Like a 20% larger Colorado or Ranger. 20% more towing capacity, 20% more payload, 20% more ground clearance, 20% more torque. But it will be 45% more expensive haha

          • I think you’ll find the 900 kg limit is WITH the caravan in tow. Not like the current dual cabs that will tow a 2.5 tonne van and enough left over for a suitcase in the back

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