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Rough Stuff DVD out now, plus special offer

Rough Stuff DVD Out Now
Rough Stuff DVD Out Now

After hitting movie screens across Australia, home-grown off-road movie Rough Stuff has now been released as a DVD.

GQ Patrols, Land Rovers and LandCruisers, this movie is a genuine 4WDing flick. Keen 4WDers will pick up some special locations in the Blue Mountains and further out west, as well as a few local celebrities. If you’re an Australian 4WDer, this movie is a must-watch.

“The challenge I set myself was to create something entertaining, high-energy and fun but without pandering and losing that personal touch. I simply wanted to make a film that I would want to see. But I also happen to have varied tastes, so it’s quite a quirky film in a lot of ways, like a mash-up of an Indie ensemble comedy and an old-fashioned Hollywood western. I also wanted to make something uniquely Australian, something that takes advantage of how exotic this country really is,” said writer-director Johnathon Adams.

Along with some terrific 4WDs, Rough Stuff has a cast including Gareth Rickards, Vincent Andriano, Sam Glissan, Jamie Kristian, Hayley Sullivan, Katie Garfield and Adam Horner, plus a cameo role by Aussie icon, Ernie Dingo.

Want your own copy of Rough Stuff? Get an awesome deal that includes a magazine subscription, for only $50 (or $45 for a digital subscription).


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Let me know when

Hi Sam,
Is the movie able to be downloaded anywhere? I left my DVD player some where in the shed with my fax machine, I have searched high and low for it but without success.


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