UNIDAN Global Explorer U218 Unimog

ByWes WhitworthSeptember 29, 2020
UNIDAN Global Explorer U218 Unimog

We got to climb all over the new Unidan Global Explorer U218 Unimog, and what an amazing bit of kit!

Now we absolutely understand that Unimogs aren’t for everyone. For the 18 people who don’t get excited about a massive, go-anywhere expedition vehicle, look away now. For the rest of us, that adventuring runs through our veins, sit back and enjoy this little walk around of Unidan’s newest expedition vehicle, the Unidan Global Explorer U218 Unimog.

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Unidan’s newest ‘Mog, the U218 Unidan Global Explorer, builds upon over 20 years of Dan building up some of the best expedition vehicles the world has seen. It is built as a true global expedition vehicle, able to tackle just about any terrain and conditions on the planet. And not just Australian conditions either; the Unidan U218 is built to work in temperatures from -40°C to up; to 50°C. This means it’s got cooking, showering and living areas both inside and outside the ‘Mog.

Unidan U218 Unimog

Being truly global in its design, the Unidan U218 Global Explorer features ‘Vario Pilot’ which means that the steering wheel, pedals and vehicle controls slide from one side of the vehicle to the other. This helps with countries that drive on the opposite side of the road, where you’re able to swap driving positions in about 30-seconds by sliding the steering column and controls to the other side. Worth noting that there are some countries around the world that will not legally allow you to drive on the right-hand side of the road, without having a left-hand drive vehicle. This ability overcomes those legalities, meaning you can take this thing anywhere you’d like.

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Without getting too carried away with the specs, sit back and have a look at the video below, where Dan runs us through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Unidan’s new U218 UGE Unimog Expedition Vehicle!