Unsealed 4X4 Issue 52 – Out Now!

Dust off your smart phones and tablets; Unsealed 4X4 Issue 52 is out now! Below you’ll find a video on the highlights of this issue, plus a couple of snippets of what you’ll find… And as always, it’s absolutely free!

Big 4X4 Wagon Comparo

LandCruiser vs Patrol vs Discovery go head-to-head in an off-road comparison. We’re currently in the golden age for the 4WD ute, and any other kind of vehicle (4WD or 2WD) seems to be languishing in the distance. Once upon a time, the Australian 4WDer’s bread-and-butter option was not a ute, it was the wagon.

Sandstorming Micro-Tourer – Suzuki Jimny Custom

Who says you can’t tour and tow with a Suzuki Jimny? Paul has been building Zooks for years, and has built up this little Jimny with mods that you’d swear came off the factory floor…

Best used dual-cab for under 20 grand?

We go through our top six picks for a second hand dual-cab we’d be happy to have in the drive way… Being so prevalent in the market, there’s plenty around, and they’re not all created equally!

Welcome to planet 4X4

Pat and his young bloke Gus take us on a photographic tour of Iceland – secretly all of us in the office have our hands up to go next time too… this place is amazing!

So, what is the best 4WD?

Ev give us his ins and outs on what the best 4WD is that you can own… any guesses on what it is?

So there you have it – Unsealed 4X4 Issue 52, bigger and better than ever! Make sure you head on over and have a gander, trust us, it’s worth it!