Vehicle rollover on Fraser Island

Queensland Police Service have issued a statement regarding the vehicle rollover on Fraser Island last weekend. Fortunately injuries were minor to one occupant, however the QPS have used this incident to remind people to ensure they are driving to the conditions. 

At about 9:55 AM on Sunday January 14 a vehicle third in line of an organised group were heading north on Eastern Beach, Fraser Island when it lost control and rolled twice as a result of a wave that washed up on the beach. The vehicle was travelling at approximately 60km/h in the sign posted 80km/h zone when the driver found themselves in the salt water wash.

It appears that the driver has attempted to turn out of the salt water as the small wave approached, and the quick turning and suddenly hitting the wash has caused the vehicle to begin to slide. Over-correction has then caused the vehicle to fishtail and eventually roll over twice, and eventually come to rest on its side.

QLD Police have used this incident to remind people that dropping tyre pressure and driving on sand will change the entire balance and handling characteristics of the vehicle you’re driving. In this instance, the sharp turn to avoid the water has resulted in the vehicle rolling over.

All persons managed to exit the vehicle with one female occupant being air lifted to Hervey Bay for precautionary observation and further examination after suffering a sore back and neck. 

QPS wanted to remind the public of the importance of driving safely on open beaches as conditions are unpredictable and change quickly.

Have you seen or been involved in a vehicle rollover on Fraser Island, or any beach for that matter? Besides the obvious tips of slow down and be mindful of tyre pressures and the change in handling, any other tips you would offer up to those about to hit Fraser for the first time?


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