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Track Talk: Victorian tracks reopened after Melbourne Cup Long Weekend

The Melbourne Cup long weekend is an exciting time for this country, and as they say it is the race that stops the nation. But if you have no desire to slap on a defendant suit and guzzle cheap champagne while trying to impress people you don’t even like, and own a four-wheel drive, you would know that the Melbourne Cup long weekend signifies more important things than just a gallop around an oval. Seasonal track closures have now been lifted, meaning the majority of Victorian High Country tracks have reopened for recreational purposes.


Seasonal track closures generally apply from the long weekend in June, through to the end of October. However in some cases, tracks will remain closed through till December as extra rain and snow has caused track damage. Still, more tracks being reopened is something worth celebrating, and if you get the chance this is the best time of year to get out and explore the area before the heat of summer fully kicks in. Just don’t forget your chainsaw, as there still could be fallen trees over a few tracks.

For more information, visit,-flood-and-other-closures/seasonal-road-closures2

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