The 4X4 Beer Economy: What is a recovery worth?

BySam PurcellSeptember 19, 2017
The 4X4 Beer Economy: What is a recovery worth?

If you recover someone out in the bush? Do you expect some kind of remuneration in return? I’m not talking about exchanging money, but rather a bartering system of goods in exchange for the recovery.

This comes after a local Territorian was left feeling cheated after he recovered a vehicle for some tourists, but was left empty-handed at the end of it all.

What’s a fair amount to expect? Is it okay to ask for something up front? Should it be beer or another cold drink to trade? Some play by rules, where others don’t. Let’s look at the brass tacks.

Land Rover Discovery bogged on the beach

Land Rover Discovery bogged on the beach

A snatch strap will cost you anywhere between $40 and $80, depending on what brand you buy. Safe practice indicates you should only use our strap between a half-dozen and a dozen times in an actual recovery situation, before your turf it out for a new one. This really depends on how hard you use the straps, how well-made it is and how well you take care of your gear. But the point here is: Straps have a finite life, and each time you use it effectively costs you money.

You’re using your vehicle, recovery points and gear, and maybe even some recovery board and a winch as well. Your time is one thing you need to consider as well, right? You might get wet and muddy in the process of the recovery, and you’re risking damage to your own vehicle in the whole process.

What if you’re putting in the hard yakka, pushing through mud or digging with a shovel under the sun? Does the amount of effort expended relate to the final reward?

What’s a reasonable ‘fee’ to ask or expect in this situation? Tell us what you think in the comments below. You never know, maybe we can set up some rules …