Amphibious Mitsubishis you need to see

ByWes WhitworthAugust 8, 2019
Amphibious Mitsubishis you need to see

We look at many of the concept four-wheel drives released these days, and quite often collectively wonder “what in Gods name were they thinking?!” From the Team Isuzu D-MAX Concept X Duo to the Toyota FT-AC concept we’ve seen some interesting concepts over the past few years. We happened to look a bit further back and may have stumbled across a bit of motoring gold. Amphibious Mitsubishis that you never knew you needed to see.

Let’s kick things off with a video that will show you in great detail a couple of the possibilities of amphibious Mitsubishis that were thrown into the limelight. Trust me; it’s worth turning the sound up for this if for no other reason than the overly excited Japanese chap talking about the concepts, and the incredibly cheesy 80’s music! You get to see the interesting stuff about two minutes in.

Raudal qué sos?Montero Fouri Strada.. ????????Especial para calles asuncenas ????‍♂️????

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Then, there is this gem. The Mitsubishi Field Guard. No, it’s not a 12-volt kids toy car, that is a full-sized, running, driving, concept four-wheel drive. It really existed, ran, and was even used in one of Jackie Chan’s movies, Gorgeous. It was first trotted out to the masses at the 1993 Tokyo Motor Show and was featured on the November 1993 issue of AutoWeek.

We… Just… Um… There’s a reason they’re concepts, right?

Massive thumbs up to the team at Jalopnik for finding this one and sharing it with the masses. It’s more than a little kooky, but just the thing we need for a bit of a laugh on a Thursday afternoon!

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