RAM 1500 & 2500 brake recall

Despite selling hand over fist, the RAM 1500 and 2500 models have had a recall notice issued due to a loose clip on the pushrod of the brake master cylinder. Mind you, there are just 78 vehicles affected with the issue reportedly being where the brake master cylinder pushrod is not secured correctly.

The obvious concern here is that the pushrod may dislodge and in turn, cause issues with the brake cylinder working as it should. Brakes are a fairly important feature of modern vehicles. Worth noting is that only the Australian models have been impacted, due to the right-hand drive conversion through the import process.

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What are the defects?

On some MY2019 RAM 1500 and 2500 vehicles, the master cylinder pushrod clip is not secured correctly.

What are the hazards?

The master cylinder pushrod which is connected to the brake pedal pin may dislodge and become difficult to operate or fail, resulting in the brake pedal becoming inoperable. This may pose an accident risk, potentially seriously injuring vehicle occupants or other road users.

The recall has affected just 78 vehicles.

What should consumers do?

Owners of affected RAM vehicles will receive a letter advising them to contact their local authorised RAM dealer to make an appointment to have repair work carried out free of charge.

For further information, email your enquiry using the webform or use the chat facility available at

To find your nearest RAM Truck dealer, visit

To see a list of the 78 affected vehicle VIN numbers, click here. If your RAM has been included in the recall, make sure you keep an eye on the post for more details on having the issue rectified.


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  • There have been many recalls affecting direct from the factory built vehicles. But having a recall due to the RHD conversion process just places more pain against this additional cost. Can’t wait for direct from factory RHD American Utes at a realistic price.

  • Well maybe if they made RHD versions they would sell a boatload more. “The RHD market is too small to be profitable” is a bulls$%t statement. Ford do it with their mustang, (and look how popular that is) and it isn’t even their highest seller, the F series is! Work that one out.

  • In the case of the Ram truck, we are such a small market, that it doesn’t warrant the cost or trouble making RHD versions.

  • Why aren’t the vehicles converted to right hand drive in the factory on the production line, this would save the company millions on recall costs and law suits?

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