ARB built a Nissan GQ Patrol, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

We all know the venerable Nissan GQ Patrol. Bringing coil-sprung comfort and capability to their 4WD lineup, it continued to build Nissan’s reputation of big torquey powerplants, and drivelines so strong, they must have been forged by Sauron in the fiery depths of Mordor. They were big, capable and reliable: and super-successful for Nissan in Australia.


These days, there are plenty of GQs still plodding along. There’s probably a gnarly old bloke in a terry toweling hat at the helm, thinking about that massive jewfish that got away back in ’94 off the Stockton Breakwall. Or, the poor thing is getting flogged around on a cheap set of 35″ mud terrains, a 6″ lift and -44 offset steelies by some p-plater with a flat-brimmed hat and Oakleys, who is completely flabbergasted that he hasn’t broken it yet.

Regardless, the fact that you still see so many of many of these lumbering dinosaurs on roads and tracks around Australia is testament to how well they were made between ’87 and ’97.

They’re an icon of Australian 4WDing, and ARB have really gone out of their way to honour it with this exquisite 1991, TD42 Nissan GQ Patrol. There’s a video below. Watch it, and appreciate. Thanks, ARB.


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