This Caravan isn’t Built with Wood and Nails, and is Much Better For It.

Every now and then a company will come along and turn the industry on its head, fundamentally changing the way business is done, products are made, and off-roaders explore Australia. It’s something we’ve seen time and time again, and now it’s Zone RVs turn to shake things up.


For those unfamiliar with Zone RV they’re one of the newest players in the off-road caravan game, and are certainly one worth paying attention to. The Queensland based company has two decades of experience manufacturing composite materials for use in everything from million dollar yachts and aeronautical projects right through to truck bodies and civil construction.

Z-20.6 Off Road

Zone RV-5323

But what exactly are they doing that has caused such a fuss in the caravan industry?

As far as the end user is concerned they’re creating high-end caravans that have the space and appointments of a large van, with the weight and off-road ability of something half their size. While their low-weight is partially responsible for their off-road ability it also means less fuel consumption, better braking performance, and the ability to run a smaller tow vehicle than a competitor’s product may require.

Zone RV Off Road


They’ve been able to do this by bringing over some of the construction techniques and materials used in professional yacht racing and applying them to caravans. The biggest variation from the norm is completely replacing the traditional timber construction and interior of the van. Instead, Zone RVs various models are constructed out of a monocoque design, with chemically bonded high-strength low-weight composite fibreglass panels creating a completely water and dust proof cabin. They’re also bonded to the cleverly designed chassis which features a unique design to reduce weight in the van, and on the tow-rig. Combine this with their top-shelf interiors and impressive new Cruisemaster ATX suspension and you’ve got one hell of a package (see below video for more information on the Cruisemaster ATX suspension).



In a market saturated with gimmicks and budget pricing, Zone RV are a breath of fresh air; proving that not only is Australian manufacturing still viable, but the results are still amazing.

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