This Caravan isn’t Built with Wood and Nails, and is Much Better For It.

Zone RV Off Road Caravan

Every now and then a company will come along and turn the industry on its head, fundamentally changing the way business is done, products are made, and off-roaders explore Australia. It’s something we’ve seen time and time again, and now it’s Zone RVs turn to shake things up.

For those unfamiliar with Zone RV they’re one of the newest players in the off-road caravan game, and are certainly one worth paying attention to. The Queensland based company has two decades of experience manufacturing composite materials for use in everything from million dollar yachts and aeronautical projects right through to truck bodies and civil construction.

Z-20.6 Off Road

Zone RV-5323

But what exactly are they doing that has caused such a fuss in the caravan industry?

As far as the end user is concerned they’re creating high-end caravans that have the space and appointments of a large van, with the weight and off-road ability of something half their size. While their low-weight is partially responsible for their off-road ability it also means less fuel consumption, better braking performance, and the ability to run a smaller tow vehicle than a competitor’s product may require.

Zone RV Off Road

They’ve been able to do this by bringing over some of the construction techniques and materials used in professional yacht racing and applying them to caravans. The biggest variation from the norm is completely replacing the traditional timber construction and interior of the van. Instead, Zone RVs various models are constructed out of a monocoque design, with chemically bonded high-strength low-weight composite fibreglass panels creating a completely water and dust proof cabin. They’re also bonded to the cleverly designed chassis which features a unique design to reduce weight in the van, and on the tow-rig. Combine this with their top-shelf interiors and impressive new Cruisemaster ATX suspension and you’ve got one hell of a package (see below video for more information on the Cruisemaster ATX suspension).



In a market saturated with gimmicks and budget pricing, Zone RV are a breath of fresh air; proving that not only is Australian manufacturing still viable, but the results are still amazing.


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  • Please don’t go the path of your former 4×4 mag and its caravan partner. ADVERTISING AT EXPENSE OF GENUINE REVIEWS.. like former comments i no longer read whole mag through. Need real gutsy journalists to tell it like really is. Thats how you.. Pat got your reputation

  • Could not agree more with the overall level of disappointment at regurgitated advertorials,
    It has all been said earlier in this post, please add my name to the list although my appreciation of the MY4x4 is still very high.

  • Pat my boy the chaps above are dead right too much advertising in the tv shows and the digital mag please spare us anymore amarok gumf we know it is a good one but enoughs enough otherwise enjoy the mag keep up the good work

  • Agree with both previous texts. Many articles are repeated advertorials. They appear from one issue to the next. Very bland stuff too. Many are also just lightweight articles that suit a Doctors waiting room mag but are short on deal information. I used to read your mag from start to finish but now just browse some articles and delete the whole magazine. This is because you don’t really review your vehicles and vans but just seem to write information straight from the manufacturer. We might as well get a bundle of brochures delivered to us. Jeremy Clarkson And co have always given an opinion on vehicles. Not always favourable ones. You could be less influenced by the manufacturers too. Anyhooo I guess it is hard to find enough to write about in creating a magazine that issues so frequently. Perhaps publish less often and write some in depth articles which contain real opinions. We often hear complaints about caravan park site prices and conditions on the road. Why so expensive, why so poorly designed. Why are so many disappearing and so few new ones being established? Let’s face it, to buy a van and tow vehicle can be in excess of $100,000. Then you have the fuel bill and towing stress only to be asked to pay an average of $45/ night to stay in what can be described in some cases as a refugee camp. Could you not become a voice for better parks? Let’s see if you can take up a challenge!

  • Pat, I’m a big fan…. but….. some of these editorials are simply rubbish. Take the article above re Zone RVs. There is a small manufacturer in Redhead Newcastle NSW who has been churning out as good if not better hybrid vans for the last couple of years with the same quality inclusions. Don’t fall into the same practices as other magazines and play to the uneducated masses…..

  • I agree with previous reader, too much of a rehash
    waiting for the information on this caravan, but nothing really there, there are plenty of manufacturers doing the same thing, I was keen on previously buying a monocoque van, but this cost was much higher there are advantages and disadvantages

  • Be careful Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures, this is several times now I have gone to read a “reasonable researched test” of a ‘headline’ article and what do we get, a few words that the guy off the street has written and a couple of pics. No test, no figures, no nothing really, might as well have written nothing or just dragged it from a manufacturers website.
    I think you can do better as the product is excellent and I enjoy the ‘original’ read (including the advertising), also you need to stop sending (weekly/fortnightly) emails when one or two of these advertorial type articles are added to your overall magazine, make it a monthly and the great unwashed out here will read it from end to end but keep regurgitating much the same thing and we may switch off. Just my opinion and two bobs worth as I am slowly switching off to these advertorial methods in many things these days.

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