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Breaking News: Nissan GU Patrol Axed.

Nissan Y61 Patrol

On the heels of the Land Rover Defender, Nissan have announced that their venerable Patrol Y61 (GU) wagon and ute have both gone into ‘runout’ mode, with remaining stock expected to be sold by the end of the year. And then, that’s it.

Nissan Y61 Patrol
Always wanted a GU Patrol? Better hurry up …

Many knew that the Y61 Patrol was on it’s last legs, to be ultimately and completely replaced by the Y62. However, many thought that the UY61 (cab-chassis) ute would stay on the books as a commercial unit with good towing and payload figures. But alas, it is not true, and the Australian 4X4 scene will soldier one with one less fully live-axle unit.

Many will say ‘about time’, citing a sluggish diesel engine and antiquated automatic gearbox, teaming up with rough dynamics and a truly 1990’s interior. Others (many of us in the office included) will look at it from a different point of view, and through slightly rose-tinted glasses.

Modified Nissan Y61 Patrol
Few Patrols stay stock standard, and some become quite modified for better off-road ability, like Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures contributor Scott Mason’s GU.

The Patrol leaves behind a special legacy amongst Australian 4WDers: the bulletproof driveline is legendary, and traditional live axles, long wheelbase and big interior makes for a base to build a modified, capable 4X4. Is the Y62 a true replacement for the Y61? We aren’t completely convinced. That’s not saying the Y62 is a bad 4X4, quite the contary in fact. It’s just different.

Regardless, time waits for no man, and the Y61 Patrol has come to the end of its 20-year life. It has been out-shined and out-gunned by many newer, brighter faced offerings in the current 4X4 market, but in my opinion, can keep it’s head held high.

So, if a brand-new Y61 Patrol is your dream 4X4, you better put your skates on. What’s left in Australia won’t be replenished, and will mark the end of an era for Nissan.


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  • As you are, I was an avid manual man until we took delivery of our second Jackaroo which we opted for auto catering for the wife’s preference. I can assure you we have never looked back, as the auto makes clambering up steep rocky inclines a piece of cake, some how the wheels just kept climbing up without driveline shudder when a wheel spins a boulder out from under it. In the sands of Frazer & Morten Is., the Simpson, Googs track, the auto has just been a breeze to be in command of. There is a down side, descents are less controlled, but ha, we have never had a real issue. That was where the 76 manual V8 just shone, steep descents with a supper low 1st, just awesome. Shame it just didn’t handle as well as we’d liked.
    Anyhow, taking delivery of new Y61 Tuesday. Opted to have the GVM upgrade done prior to delivery-rego giving us a massive 1067 kilo capacity, Once fully laden we’ll be using just about that capacity and be doing it legally Oz wide. Whilst you all ponder why Nissan never addressed giving this beast more power, I have to question why the weak rear coil upper chassis mount was never addressed through out the entire 18 plus years of production. How a vehicle manufacturer can over look this major fault is beyond me.

  • I currently have the 2013 build Y61 wagon … the 4th patrol I’ve owned. My 1st being my entry level GQ 4.2 petrol ST. That unit was unstoppable, with power to burn but have grown to love the torque and economy of the ZD30. Once I got use to the fly by wire and turbo lag … and realised that engine offered nothing to work with below 1500rpm.
    Ive had the 2002 Gu Direct injection , a 2007 Common rail all stock without chips and exhausts or lifts. Never been disappointed with the car … only with Nissans attitude to updating them (lack of).
    I’ve only had manual versions and can’t imagine going auto … just can’t buy the story that you don’t loose momentum (so its the only way to go…) with an auto in sand or inclines etc. Sure that might be true but I’ve never been stuck down shifting or had trouble pulling away. It gives me a closer connection with the off road driving experience… something different than driving a Taxi up onto the curb and off again which is what I equate having and auto with… LOL!
    I guess what Im saying is that the ZD30 did work … it had the good enough ratios for it to get it anywhere off road and also cruise comfortably At 100 k + fully GVM towing … as long as you had enough of a gap for overtaking and didn’t mind slowing at the hills.
    Like any one else, I too would have loved another diesel option to keep this series alive.
    The Y62 for me would need TD and Manual options to make it more attractive. I won’t consider the current offering from Nissan. In this market I would probably Go RANGER dual cab.

  • Just read all comments and wish to add my own. I have previously owned 2 Holden Jackaroos (Isuzu Troopers) since 1996, both purpose built off road tourers that in my view were the most underrated 4×4 ever built, but alas Isuzu decided to stop production in 2003, hence we do know how you dedicated beloved Nissan Patrol owners feel, so we grabbed one of the last built Jackaroos to keep as our day to day commute + dedicated tow vehicle also. Since then I have purchased and sold a 4.2 turbo GU as it was hopelessly under powered and constantly over heated when towing our 2.2 tonne van, so I replaced it with a 4.5 V8 D4D 76 series. This vehicle lasted longer than the patrol as it had lovely power but poor handling, hence towing was a nightmare, I’d even say on unsealed gravel roads it was horrific to say the least, so we sold it and went back to our beloved Jackaroo, what an awesome off roader / tow vehicles they were. Alas the day has finally come to replace the Jackaroo and having pondered the market for many months (Mux, Pajero, Parado, various utes etc, even new release 76 series) we signed up to a new Auto Y61 on Saturday.
    My reasoning was rationed on the basis the drive line is as the Jackaroo was, 4.3 diffs, same auto ratios (just the 4 of them) and a fraction more torque (354Nm ) than the Jackaroo at (330Nm) with same power, both 118kW but Y61 at 3600rpm compared to Jackaroo 3900rpm, so if I was happy with power to tow previously we should be happy into the future and the off road ability of the Y61 should be as good as the Jackaroo, all be it the arrival departure angle are considerably less but we can quickly modify that soon after delivery.
    Bottom line, we are doing as we did with the Jackaroo, grabbing one of the last ST Y61 Patrols from existing stock, hoping that into the future we can continue to have a true 4X4 and hopefully a capable tow vehicle as well.
    By God, if it overheats as the 4.2 did, we’ll be darned annoyed.

  • Sad days for Nissan. This is my 4 th Patrol, bought it in 2003 it only has 200,000 kms so far but still has original brakes and clutch. We have towed a 20ft caravan all over Aus from Cape Tribulation to Cape Le Grande in WA. Not one problem.
    I did have it modified by SAS Automotive in Sydney, 3inch exhaust, turbo boosted and fuel pump modified to return exhaust temperatures back to manufacturers specs. It was then Dyno tested realising a 30% increase in power and torque and also better fuel economy.
    I know it sound like a tractor but who cares. We do a lot of water crossings which I would not like to attempt in modern hi tech vehicles.
    Would love to own a Patrol with a Cummins diesel so I could drive into a Caravan Park and stick it up the Toyota snobs

  • Great shame, just bought our second and last 3ltr, our 2005 lasted well with no issues.
    Not much out there in wagon form as practical or robust. What next G wagon?.

  • Ive done 250,000 klm in my old GQ and now 320,000 klms in the GU111 2003 4.2l running over most of Australia’s outback roads towing. No flats, only the lost wheel problem on the left.
    I can see no other vehicle that suits my travel/towing needs on the market at present.
    Nissan needs to wake up to the needs of the market and V8 a GU patrol. The other running gear is the best of any car currenlty on the market.

  • I have just bought my 3rd Nissan 3.0L (2016) Y61 and have convinced 10 others over the years to do the same and there have been no regrets – just a growing respect and some awesome adventures in the Namib, Kalahari and Lesotho. I use it daily to commute to meetings in the big City of Johannesburg. Man I love my Patrol ! 🙂 I think we need to lobby Nissan globally to re-think their decision.
    Philip South Africa

  • Had hiluxs tritons navaras then went to buy a landcruiser came back with a gq ute wow my spanners hardley saw daylight with that truck 7 years off hell for it and just ask for more and had the thing grossing 6tonnes with trailer it still didnt care maybe a bit slow but it always got there nissans got no idea

  • So sad to find this article
    mine is a 1994 model RX4.2EFI and near turning the clock to 523000KM
    I can’t remember how many times I have to explain to mechanics that it is a Y61 and they try to put GQ parts on it
    Happy travels

  • I’m going to do 1,000,000 klms in my Y61 TD42 ute.

    I’d rather pull it apart, rebuild it every 500,000 than buy a new ute.

    Can’t beat the simplicity and strength.

  • I purchased our 2003 ZD30 Patrol 5 years ago as we need a moderately priced tow vehicle for our Camper Trailer. The truck had 150k on the clock and has now done 220k. Aside from some early teething issues which came down to poor maintenance by the previous owner’s mechanic ie fuel filters and air filters it has been faultless. I am convinced we will still have it 10 years. It is hard as nails but just so comfortable out on the road. If you know how to drive them they will just keep going. Sure, they are not perfect, but for the money and the job they were designed for you just can’t go wrong. We love our patrol and if the motor does die in the future I think we will drop a rebuilt 3 litre in her as it is the platform that you just can’t beat. It is a sad day to see the demise of this iconic 4wd. I also agree that the Renault influence of this vehicle’s direction has been disastrous. Hopefully they will wake up see sense eventually.

  • I like anyone who has owned a GQ TD42, who all he does is 5k oil and filter changes and currently at 400k and still Bullit Proof knows how I feel, yes had to put an aftermarket turbo on it ( the best thing I ever did in my life !) Can honestly say that if Nissan built brand new GQ patrols with the same TD42’s with turbos and intercooled oh and 6 speed box and cruise, they would have Truck Of The Year, every year, love it!

  • Nissan, Can you here that, just listen, real men and women across Australia are crying, yes tears of sadness because of your decision. Wake up and smell the dirt, not your French hipster perfume. Get real y61- 6, v6 or v8, live axles and factory lockers front and back. Look at the TOYOTA 76 series specs. Job done. Boom sales you need. Ps the wife and kids reckon the 62 is, in there words ugly…we love our guiii4.2.

  • I have had many 4WD,s. The best was 2000 GU 4.2TD. Sadly sold to one of my sons. It is still going albeit with many mods. What a vehicle. Since I’ve bought 4 x 550 Navara’s with V6. Each has done 70000 kms before trading on the next. Unbelievable power but cannot lock up 1st & 2nd gear in low range down hill. Vey dangerous. I will wait to see what Nissan replaces Patrol with otherwise a 79 series. To sum up Nissan have lost the plot.

  • Hi Guy’s,
    The Infinity Q is the Nissan Armada (Y62) with 390 BHP V8 & released late this year, but now could get a Diesel (read Cummins V8) as per the XD Titan range. The talk is 8,400lbs (just under 4000 kg) towing capability. Maybe the V6 D40 170 KW should go into the Y61. What are the Arabs or middle eastern guys going to drive?

  • To all those out there knocking the Nissan Patrol 3lt ZD30. First of all the believed “bombs” were ONLY the DI models 2000 – 2006 GU Patrols for the reason of lack of oil changing caused overheating of the exhaust gases that caused engine destruction.
    For all those out there with the 3 litre diesels and you want more power…OK…ALL that is needed is for about $1500 – 2000 to add a well brand known power chip, and a 3inch exhaust which takes the diesels power from standard 118kw to 146kw (380nm to 460nm) in line with all the new DMAX, Navara, Ford dual cab diesels out there!!
    For those who want even more power, take your Nissan to a diesel specialist (I went to United Fuel Inj in WA, others like Berrima for eastern staters are same) and for abit more they have both chip and exhaust fitted and then also have the Patrol dyno tuned with some other tricks up their sleeves to make way more than the DMAXS and other dual cab diesels!
    In 2014 Nissan had considered inputting the STX 550 Navara diesel into the Patrols with 170kw and 550Nm which I read an official Nissan letter online that was under strong consideration for 2017 so maybe they might still come back to this??
    Anyway…people will vote with their money by not buying the new petrol Y62 Patrols so Nissan will eventually need to sell units of something… so we can just hope they come back to us with a new Y61 type 4×4 with a V8 diesel for all the Nissan owners to eventually trade up to.

  • The Patrol Y61 will be missed by many real 4WDrivers. Not perfect (quite under-powered, tall geared, uncomfortable sits, etc.), but a true off-roader, with solid axles and manual transmission.
    The Y62 is NOT a replacement for the Y61! That ugly, swollen frivolous bus… designed to reduce driving pleasure in the experienced driver. and to keep the unexperienced one as distant as possible of any understanding of what is involved in 4WDriving.
    Well; I have a new Y61, and intend to keep it for as long as possible.

  • Must have been tired yesterday, forgot all about the Nissan Titan trucks in good old USA. I like the Cummins V8 XD & Pro dual cab versions, but, if you keep your options below say, AUD$80,000.00 or less even, Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado diesel, is a popular towing device, heaps towing big caravans up north & western QLD. Had a JK Unlimited, first non Datsun/Nissan in 38 years, but could only tow 1600 kgs. I agree with Nobby, put a Cummins diesel in the Y62 & enjoy! It’s the Armada in the USA, but petrol, read in blurbs from my old 4×4 Jeep sites that keep flowing onto me, that the diesel was muted to go in but! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • We bought a new 200 series to tow the new caravan as we needed 3.5t capacity. Our 2005 3.0l Patrol was the best for off road. Alas my wife wrote it off in an accident so now I have to work on the cruiser. In miss it already. If Nissan brought out a V8 diesel patrol I would have one in an instant.:-)

  • Get rid of Renault from it’s relationship with Nissan, too many blunders, ie: NP300 why did we not get the 2.5L engine? Nissan will not answer this! I have a D40 manual, the local Nissan dealer that says I should go into 4WD before reversing caravan or car on trailer, as it keeps stalling . Patrol was looking good, but not now. Don’t like Tojo’s so what is there? Best Nissan was a Patrol 1990 4.2 on LPG/petrol, never let us down.

  • Isn’t it time Australia will built our own cars including 4x4s and trucks, we build ships, boat, caravans etc and yet by the end of 2017 about 4000 people will have no jobs and no car manufactories, why two reason our low life politician took the one thing that protected jobs, tariff and the second is the cheap skate who buy cheap imported cars we have a high rate pay and goods and services are priced accordingly buying cheap cars etc is doing Australians out work.

  • It was bad enough when Nissan turned the Pathfinder into a soft-roading SUV, but now they’ve axed the mighty pooey?
    Too many companies are focused on their shareholders rather than their customers these days!

  • Looks like my Y61 2005 4.2l Wagon will be worth a whole lot more. Best of 5 Patrols I have owned with a little bit of work on engine have 140 Kw. Tows my 18′ caravan with ease. Pity Nissan couldn’t get it right with having no diesel in Y62 we all told general manager that at Birdsville in 2010, taken 6 years to make the wrong decision.

  • I’ve had Patrols now for the last 23 years, GQ 4.2 with a Turbo Glide install and then a GU 3.0 td. Other than the turbo upgrade in my 1st Patrol nothing more than servicing costs, same with the 3.0 it now has 230000 odd k’s on it and it’s never even been low on water or oil, ever. I have towed extensively with them both and while no power machines you just have to adjust how you go about it, you really can’t let that ancient old 4 speed auto think for itself for a start, but it will take everything you throw at it.
    I recently went to upgrade the old girl but basically found I had to spend another $15,000 or so more than I paid for my last one new to get the so close to exactly the same vehicle I bought 13 years ago. Very poor form from Nissan. The trouble is we here in Australia are their biggest diesel market and that is tiny and just not worth the R and D for them. The big 4wd markets for the Patrol are the U.S.A. and the Arab states and they all buy petrol models hence no diesel in the y62. You would think though that between Nissan and Renault they would have a diesel that would suit the old beast. I now have a Jeep Grand Cherokee with an Italian diesel a German gearbox and chassis ( take note Nissan, although way to late) not so much a replacement for the Patrol, (I can’t imagine doing half the stuff in the Jeep as I have in the Patrol) just a different thing altogether. I didn’t trade the Patrol my 15 yo son wants it, I don’t know where we are going to hide it from his mum who is wondering why it’s still here.

  • My Patrols (two Ti 4500 1998 & 1999) where the worst vehicles, I’ve ever owned!!!!

    I see a 5l Cummins V8 Turbo could be offered, if India decides to built it the new gen Patrol.

  • After owning a GQTD42 (still got it) and 3 GU patrols I now own a Y62 TI-L it has 35’s 2inch lift and basic bolt ons (snorkel Bullbar roofrack etc) I’ve gotta say it’s the best patrol I’ve owned in a bloody long shot.
    I’ve taken it to Bamaga, Birdsville and down to victoria in the high country it’s been through tight scrub (the paint work will attest to that) up ridiculous hillclimbs and seen some very very soft sand. It tows our camper or boat with ease and the whole family is very comfortable in the car.
    Nissan have made a move in the right direction it’s only the non diesel stereotype issue.

  • I have owned 5 Patrols and found them to be a rugged all round vehicle whether it be on the farm or on some of the toughest outback tracks could not kill the 4.2 motor with a stick. It seams Nissan have lost the plot firstly with the 3.0 litre ( which powers my currant Patrol ) motor then by not strengthening the rear coil spring towers, then releasing the latest model with out a diesel option, I have heard that in America Nissan vehicles can bought with the
    5.0 litre Cummins V8 we in Australia need this option plus a Patrol Tray back as the new Navara will be found wanting in many aspects when compared to the competition, farmers and the mining industry will want some thing better than the Navara.
    It is time Nissan management got there heads out of the sand and had a good look at the opposition E.G. Toyota (4.5 litre V8 ) and Mazda/ Ford (3.2 litre 5 Cyl )

  • hi been reading all the comments here and from that and I have had a gq 94 4.2 aspirated great wagon serviced by self every 5k .2003 3.0 manual service 5k .I bought a new 3.0 auto patrol 2015 titanium with all the fruit and just gave it its 2nd service at 10k this patrol is returning 12.7 per 100k but it all boils down to how you drive I’m now retired from driving road trains in the norwest of west Australia and just had a left knee replacement hence purchasing the auto the 3.0 engine does the job for me and I have been happy with my patrols oh by the way the salesman tried to sell the v8 petrol patrol at about 80k to me and I commented that if it had the v6 diesel in it I would have consider however no fixed axil anyway had my say and to every one out in patrol land keep patrolling along in this great land called AUSTRALIA NOT YANKEE USA

  • Phantom,
    Apparrently you,ve worked out everbody elses problems except for your own. This is for the discusion of another good vehicle being lost from the aussie market, not for blowing your trumpet about yourself.
    Get a life!!!!!

  • It will be sad to see it go, though nobody can deny it needed a little more modern technology by the same token nobody can deny that it is good value for money, tough reliable, practical, cheap to maintain and plenty of room. It’s replacement is not really a good alternative, it is a completely different vehicle, too costly, to soft, too fancy and too ugly.

  • Here’s an idea: But a brand new Y61. Immediately replace the ZD30 with a decent V8 for say around $35 -40K. Sell the ZD30 – should be plenty of buyers:-) Lets say you get around $10,000 for the ZD30 (I really have no idea what they would be worth). So now, you have a brand new Patrol for around $80K net. Still way less than a LC200 and a much better off road unit with a decent V8.

  • To the haters, and the lovers. Whenever I purchase a vehicle, it’s an unbiased process of weighing the pros and cons, including value for money, for my own circumstances. As someone that didn’t need to tow a Taj Mahal on wheels but just needed a capable, and above all tough, bush tourer with a fridge in the back and tent on the roof, in 2010, a new Y61 3.0L CRD ST wagon was the only rational choice. And what a fine choice it has been. Has been up and back just about every track you can name in Australia with aplomb. Whilst it’s not top of the pops at any one thing, apart from toughness, it’s better than average at everything; and that’s what makes it so great.
    Appropriate application of power off-road is not something everyone masters. I have never been in a situation where I needed more power, including when pulling countless higher powered vehicles out of the poo, often with boats attached to them, whilst I’m loaded to max GVM. When I go bush, mostly with blokes in Toyotas, I’m usually the only one without jerry cans on the roof.
    The only engine mods I’ve added is a high flow 3 inch exhaust and a valve to bypass the boost control solenoid and lock boost at 16psi. Never had any overheating problems and I live and play in the NT.
    All modern diesels that recirculate exhaust gas, and vent engine oil to pre turbo air intake will eventually blow up if you don’t service them properly and particularly if you don’t run a decarbon clean through them every now and then. Interestingly, the first series of Landcruiser 200 had its own hand grenade dramas but is less widely talked about.
    In 2016, for my circumstances, the same vehicle remains the only rational choice. Of course, if it came with the Renault V6 diesel from the Navara 550, I wouldn’t knock it back.

    I like to think of my Y61 as a tractor with a comfortable seat, which is perfect, for me. It’s a real shame to see the Y61 discontinued (

  • to you with the ranger,thats what it is,its not a ford or mazda,its built in 3 different countries then badged.bit like all holdens models,not that theyve ever been good.even gm in u.s. was embarrased to admit they owned them,but thats there let down as we could of had u.s cars here instead of commodore rubbish.

  • yes me agian,just thought,jeep unlimited rubicon is the ONLY 4×4 to buy now,preferably with a better diesel than 2.8,the v6 is more gutsy & economical so dont realy need diesel but one out of a mercedes or vw would be good.

  • the nissan is better unit than the toyota with wheel base,driveline strength,but less f250 4.2tdi has 135kw,500nm.more than both jap 4×4.s,no glow plugs,no common rail.basic,gutsy,reliable,being german,dont upset them,you know what happens,why do the japs give you half a vehicle,im sick of toyota is the best,garbage,my 1965 f100 has bigger driveline components than a toyota.they bend brake,fail for stupid reasons,my mates 80 series pulled the front bush with the sheet metal out of the chassis,!!,weak..wheel base on nissan better than toyota,less overhang,auto has lock up,now,we have no choice in 4×4.s,pre 85 was last years of real 4×4.s,i have a 1975 ford f250 highboy,look it up on y tube,unbreakable,still going,beat that v8 diesel,ill keep my 4.2 german brazilian tractor international engine,thanks much.or sell the dodge,f250,bronco,1962 f100 4×4,2002 f250,& buy a U700 unimog ,this country sucks on all fronts.go europe/u.s.ever heard of dana 60 or rockwell or atlas or nv4500.???????????????.if your not buying a real 4×4,get a commodore,there brainless too.sighned h walker.

  • I have had my 2010 3.0 lt wagon for 4 years now and it is the best as far as I’m concerned.
    It’s got places I wanted to be and always got me back out,i service mine every 5000km which is what most others who complain probably didn’t do that’s just an opinion so no hate mail please.RIP y61

  • They’re not a bad looking vehicle actually, but otherwise like someone else said.. I dunno why anyone would buy one.
    Nissan lost the plot when they put the 3.0 litre engine in.
    We had a couple at work and BOOM!. New engines. At least they were under warranty.
    Nissan have always underpowered their 4x4s.
    Drivetrains otherwise pretty bulletproof, stick a Cummins in and you’d have a good jigger.

  • We have 2 x 4.2L Turbo Diesel Nissans – a wagon and a ute. Situation forces us to soon sell the wagon and we want a Dual Cab Ute. We would always buy a Nissan over a Landcruiser – except a 3.0L Nissan. Nissan did themselves no favours. We have been hoping they would put out a V8 Dual Cab to rival Landcruiser or a 4.2L Turbo Dual Cab would be great!! I guess it’s not to be and sadly we – like other loyal Nissan supporters, will be forced to buy a Toyota 🙁

  • Such a pity for all ‘Troll lovers.
    I purchased a ’97 4500GU wagon duel fuel, off the rack in april ’98 and have kept it as is for all these years.
    The clutch failed at 60,000 k’s and the motor sprung a leak at 260,000k’s.
    I have kept it as standard from day one, only adding a winch, winch bar with brushrails and steps, and lifted it 3″ for off road travel and re\iver crossings.
    My ‘Trol is getting a face lift as I type and will look as it was when I first picked her up.
    I will be happy to have her for another 20 years as my 4X4, ’cause they don’t come any tougher.

  • Why not keep both, Chuck the same engine options in each, like Toyota does, 200 Series for the City and Highways, and the 78/79 for Offroad.

  • I had Patrols all my life, now I own a px ranger and it is the best all rounder I have ever had.
    Very sorry to hear nissans plans!

  • I’ve got a 96 GQ TD42, best damn vehicle I’ve ever owned she’s a keeper, going be in the family for a long time.
    Nissan lost the plot when they stopped producing the 4.2 diesel.

  • Had a Y61 GU 2.8L 1999 Patrol, bit gutless however after I had it chipped and LPG added, it was great, it towed a 200 series and caravan out of the sand at Verylia Pt and did well. then bought a Y61 GU 4.2L TDi 2005 Patrol with LPG, absolutely unstoppable, did Simpson easy and had to pull a 200 series up Big Red, will have to keep this machine forever.

  • This wagon is a true go anywhere tuff truck type of vehicle, with plenty of ARB equipment available for it which is a shame it never received the engine it really deserved, plenty of options available to Nissan but unfortunately nothing came of that.. I drive a Turbo 100 series cruiser with heaps of kit, BUT these Nissans are really good, real good..

  • I have been a Nissan lover since I brought my first 4×4, G60 then my Y60 92 ST EFI second owner had 456,KS on the clock never used a drop of oil and bullet proof, because of a idiot it’s now in patrol heaven. Have replaced her with a RX EFI I just love the Y60 patrol you can’t kill them I worked for Nissan dealer and new they started to lose the plot with the 30ltr and the current model is a disaster. Wake up Nissan Aussie’s love there Nisssn patrols stop listening to co- owners Renault and start getting it right again and you will see sales improved.

  • I’ve got the TD42i , and if they still made them they would still be the greatest 4×4 ever made. Guess I’ll be keeping mine for at least the next 20 years. Got my GQ TD42 1991 also, and after 20 odd years not game to sell that baby either.

  • Good riddance Nissan. A vehicle should be assessed as a package. Nissan have decided that off-readers can buy else where. There has been no attempt by Nissan to provide a suitable drive train for this vehicle. What has always amazed me is that people have continued to buy them. It’s like buying a horse and cart just because they’re cheap. it’s a sad day, because Nissan have failed to keep up.

  • Never had a track that we couldn’t manage in the Y61 2012 3 L
    Only tow a camper and sometimes wish I had more power ,BUTTTTTT on seeing the mess that the extreme 4 wheelers do on the canning, the simpson , tracks north and south of Perth proves its how you do it and a testament to how good the 3L Y61 is !!!
    Third Nissan and this one is is a gem.
    RIP Y61
    Heres hoping that the future will still bring us a quality full sized wagon as we feel that price cutting
    and inferior builds are are going to be the norm for us .
    The Australian market is to small on the world scale for it to get any better unless we go to left hand drive.

  • Love the Nissan patrol, but switched a navarra. Spent $10 g on the d40 to get a little more ground clearance & my partners patrol is still slightly higher stock. People in Australia want power & clearance are you listening Nissan.

  • I have a 2013 st patrol auto and it has been the best car I have owned !!!!!!! I had it flashed tuned and it now has the power I need to tow our 18 foot caravan . The build quality is great and no flaws what so ever ! This car will become a cult car with out question long live the y61 PATROL

  • I had a 2012 Y62 and a Y62 and a 1999 Y61. Traded the Y62 in for a new car for my wife. Couldn’t afford the fuel bill.
    Why cease production of a legend? The 3.0 litre was and still is a disaster. For god’s sake Nissan, put the 5.0 litre yank diesel in the Y61 or Y62 and sales will go crazy!
    Toyota don’t need to do any sales work with Nissan shooting themselves in the foot with every new decision they make.

  • First, I bought a 1973 short wheel base Patrol new – loved the canvas roof and fold-down windscreen. Then I bought a GQ 2.8 TD. I loved that car, but it wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding. I couldn’t afford the 4.2 back then. Finally, I got a 2001 GU 4.2 TD new, one of the first batch of 2001 – 2004 models. It arrived Christmas eve – what a present to self that was. It has towed my Kimberley Kamper from desert to sea – North to South, East to West. I still go offroad with it at every opportunity. I have just clocked up 270,000 km and it still runs like clockwork. It may well be my last 4×4 as once again (now retired) I can’t afford the $80odd+K that is being asked for a modern, capable vehicle. I don’t think I could be happy driving a toy 4×4.
    Naaa – I’ll keep the Y61 4.2TD thanks. It has served me well indeed and will continue to do so, until such time as I stop wanting to go offroad.

  • We have an 07 3.0l. Love it. Its a working mans criuser. Can’t afford a new patrol or criuser obviously. Most of us that use them, use them for their intended use, don’t go overseas for holidays. It’s the outback or the watagans (for e.g) for us. Some can afford 80 grand plus but the real users can’t. What a shame. Ours gets 6 of us away regularly towing a camper. Don’t price yourself out of the real peoples market and into the toyota (overpriced) market please.

    • I couldn’t agree more James, I own a 2004 GU wagon and it runs like a dream, but I don’t know about you, I’m sick of other people who own V8 diesels and telling me to get a real 4×4. It would be nice to see the GU’s up graded and wipe the smile off the landcruiser drivers for a change.

  • I only hope they keep the GU body and Drive train, but make a bloody good V8 Diesel motor with factory turbo to suit and surpass the 200 series Toyota. I’m sick off Toyota drivers rubbing our noses in the dirt about how good they are against the GU’s.

  • Very sluggish engine and the same goes for the Prado, as for the 200 cruiser there is no manual transmission available, so i am stuck as to what i can buy in the current market. Does anyone have any ideas ???

  • To the lad that posted you need to put a third battery in the lc200 you can change the stock battery’s to 1100cca with a Rc of 105ah they fit in the stock battery positions with no modifications

  • First off bought a 98 2.8 liter Patrol, manual, happy as for four years until a head gasket blew, then the dollar signs just kept pilling up because the mechanic working on it, knew F. A. about diesels and despite my intricate knowledge of my own vehicle refused to listen and bolted on after market crap. Got sick of spending money like it was going out of fashion and bought a later 2006 Auto GU 4. She’s got just under 165, 000 K’s on it, gets me 12 liters per 100 K’s with the camper on the back at 100 K’s per hour. Why would you want to go faster when the scenery is so good ??? Been up the Plibara twice with her now, and numerous trips down south with out any probs.
    However, lessons learned from the first Patrol, change oil every 5,000 K’s and filter.
    Only bitch I have is the crappy intercooler clips loosening allowing air/oil vapor to leak out and become unsightly.
    Other than that, she’s a bloody good 4By.

  • The japs need to listen to the Australian market. Y61patrol has been a great 4×4 .its a true off road work horse. Tows well , reliable and strong. I’ve had 3 X3 litres never let me down ,done heaps of ks and still have an 05 with 130,000. I’ll be hanging onto it because you wont buy better.

  • Have had an MQ, GQ and GU diesels. Over one million km in total. Cape Yorktrips, Fraser, etc. Apart from regular servicing costs And an errant reticulation issue in the GU I have had no issues. Unfortunately the ZD30 option was no longer attractive and I moved to a BT50. My daughter has the GU now and the ZD30 has now done 360,000kms albeit very slowly. I agree with the above comments about Nissan neglecting it and the desire for a decent diesel such as in the Navara STX550. Oh well.

  • Had a 2007 GU 3 litre……replaced the motor at 83000 kms, gutless, finally traded up to a 200 series TTD V8, and as nice as that is……gee I miss my GU. It was faultless off road….in fact, was better offroad than on…and agreed….the best looking 4×4 around, and will be for years to come….I mean, have you seen the Y62 ? About us round and ugly as the Pathfinder, which also used to be a nice looking 4×4…not any more.
    And to Peter, who has the 200 series that won;t go into top gear, even at 110kmh……TRY THIS….. Flick the stick across to SPORT mode, and push it up to 6 manually, it will drop into 6th as soon as it hits 100kph ( as long as you are cruising and not pushing it )…if yours doesn’t do this, go to Toyota…..they have a Transmission ECU software upgrade that will make it do this, but leave it in Drive, and you need to be doing well over the speed limit to drop into 6th,…annoying but true. If I’m driving around town, I leave it D….but if I’m heading on the highway, I automatically just stick it into Sports 6…happy days…….note….if towing, just go to Sport 5.

  • I have a Y61 with 400’000 on the clock still going strong. If there are no more on offer then it will be a 78 series for me.

  • Another 4×4 icon finished.
    Though others will disagree, the Gu patrol will be sorely missed by many fans and enthusiasts at round the world.
    I myself and happy to have purchased a 2015 wagon and modifying it to travel for many years ahead.
    As a replacement vehicle in years ahead…. It will be hard decision to what could top the patrols live axle, low range gear ratio and cabin space.
    Nissan may no longer have this vehicle in production but the patrols will still live long.

  • I have had a MQ Shorty then a GQ and now a GU Ti 2012 and its the best. The 3.00 Lt motor at first I thought what have I done. 3 inch exhaust and a chipping and its never been stopped and tows the camper with no problems. You just got to no how to drive them. Its a 4×4. Love it.So sad to here the end of a legend.

  • Bought a 3.0lt auto GU IV new in 2006. Just loved it to bits until that dam motor started to give lots of trouble at 200,000 km. Sold it quick smart while it still ran and now I have a D-Max which has heaps more power towing the camper. Don’t know if it will last as long as the Patrol as everything on the D-Max (and all the others on the market) are built out of almost wafer thin steal compared to the Nissan. ‘I still miss you silvo’ RIP.

  • So sad to see the GU (Y61) go. I have owned the 4.8 GUIII for many years, it has travelled 350,000 km on countless outback roads and Victorian high Country tracks. It has been super reliable (still no oil leeks & engine is clean, uses hardly any oil) and brilliant off road and touring – only mod is a 2 inch lift, didn’t need lockers etc as it climbed so well (especially with the power of the 4.8).
    I would buy another Patrol if it didn’t have the under powered 3.0 ltr time bomb. Jumping into a 3.0 ltr diesel after the 4.8 feels like it’s a snail.
    If only Nissan put a decent motor in the the Y61 and slightly modified it (kept the live axles) then sales would have been strong as it is a great vehicle to tour with.
    My next 4×4? – looks like its going to be a Toyota, most likely a FJ Cruiser.

  • i will stick with my two 2003 gu patrol wagon and you both 4.2 diesel as long as they go they are as strong as love them towing i don,t know what there on about i tow all the time. some on the limit just drive them you wont brake them .i hope the new is as good as the old cheers

  • What a shame, best 4wd around. Nissan have not invested in this vehicle to keep the engine up to date, needed more power. Plan to hold onto my td42 until I drop or if
    finances permit may update to a later model GU and drop a 6.7litre Cummins 6bt in.

    Game, set and match Toyota, 79 series is looking good!


  • I have had a new one since 2001 and yes I have had overheating and lack of power problems, especially when towing the new van. However I have grown fond of the Patrol and would never think of getting rid of it.
    Travelling buddies of ours have decided to swap their 100 series for something more flash and it is going to cost them $20,000 plus to convert their new $95,000 Cruiser. Would you believe they have to put their second battery behind the back seat.
    I have already spent a little money ($7,000) to fix the GU power/overheating issues and it works, maybe one or two more things to get it perfect. A whole heap less than $115,000.
    If you have a good thing, stick to it?

  • Don’t dis pair Patrol people. Last year I bought a new 200 series Cruiser, and I gotta say it is amazing. Touring across from East to West, towing a 20′ van gives me 18lts per 100. And that is when I sitting on the speed limit!
    Average fuel consumption in its West travels it is averaging 14.3 L/100.
    My only complaint is that the 6 speed transmission rarely ever gets into top gear. Even at 110(not towing) it doesn’t stap in top for long. And to say towing is effortless would be an understatement.

  • Warren
    I bought a patrol new y61, traded it straight away due to the lack of power and the seats where way to hard on long trips, also tried to tow with it up hills was a nightmare… as a whole pretty disappointed in this car so i will be going back to mitubishi

  • I had a 2005 3.0L version. Horrendous economy, felt like a tank. Very average off road thanks to a high low range and poor traction in all but dry conditions. Can’t say Im surprised its being axed.

  • Best looking 4×4 on the road,bullet proof transmission and live axles make it very competent off road.my4.2 diesel will go forever. Hope they bring out a V8 diesel in the new one.

  • Unfortunately the Y62 is not a good replacement due to the huge amount of money required to make it a true off road vehicle. My 4.5 Y61 with 400,000 on the clock will be kept because nothing else is available with that reliability and bullet proof drive train.

  • The longer I have mine, the better it gets.
    Ok I’ve done everything to help it along with all the mods. It breathes better, thinks better, moves better (exhaust and intercooler, chip, suspension, wheel and diff mods)
    10 yrs old and new alternator, and clutch and that’s about it for repairs. (Oh and the melting dash!)
    Drives better than nearly everything else off road, and when it does do its job, it feels like it’s been down to me, and where I’ve put it and told it to go, not a “fix all” trick terrain setting. Pretty boy Utes, seem to fall by the wayside when it comes to control, grip and general toughness.
    And yes it’s the “guttless” “hand grenade” 30DI. Mine’s certainly alright. I could buy another 4wd tomorrow, but I won’t. Bought mine new, built it up over the years and hope for a heap more yet.

    RIP. (Readers Into Patrols)

  • Time to buy a 78 Cruiser, a very sad day when I have utter those words, nothing wrong with the Cruiser, just always preferred the Nissans.

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