Colorado concept becomes reality

Holden Colorado Z71 Xtreme

Back in 2016 at the Bangkok International Motor Show, Holden offered up the Colorado Z71 Xtreme, as a concept for future offerings. Now, just over two years later, the Holden Colorado concept becomes reality.

Based around the top-end Z71, the new model will come with a wide range of accessories and modifications over the standard model. These will include a winch bar with integrated Warn winch, featuring 30m of synthetic rope and a 10,000lb capacity, heavy-duty bash plate covering the underside of the Colorado, high visibility LED light bar, Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain 265/60R18 tyres, flares to house the wider rubber, and black grille.

There is also a suspension upgrade on offer for the front end, black side steps, steel rear bar kit, a recovery kit, and a full tow pack as well. Something worth noting is that all of these ‘bolt-on’ accessories are being sold as an inclusion with the vehicle, so will all be covered under new car warranty.

Finally, proper steel steps!

“The Colorado Xtreme was a concept car that resonated with our customers, and to not only put it into production, but elevate it, is very exciting,” said Holden’s Product Marketing Manager, Andre Scott. “As a base vehicle, Colorado Z71 is already very capable, so we’ve expanded our Genuine Accessories range for additional off-road capability. Cue the Holden Winch system, the Xtreme’s hero accessory, which is a game-changer.”

The engine remains the same 2.8L four-pot diesel we’ve come to know and the Colorado also keeps the 3.5 tonne towing capacity too, even with the all of the additions. It will be priced from $69,990 driveaway, which includes a touch over $19,000 worth of Genuine Holden Accessories.

Seeing as how the Colorado concept becomes reality, do you think we’ll see the Tonka HiLux come out as an options pack? Or is the new Z71 Xtreme enough to steer you away from an HSV SportsCat / Silverado? Let us know below.




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  • Where are the essentials/ steel bulbar / 12000lbs winch/ rear & front diff locks/ rock sliders/ 33″ tyres / 4wheel disc brakes / 4 coil suspension all available in a 20 year old 4×4 what a sad affair it is to be offered another current over priced shit box

  • Just another show pony 4×4 Ute’s and Landcruisers and caravans have been going in opposite directions for some years now very little. choice no ones asked us what we want just what Europe wants 3 tonne axles would be a start and suspensions to match in a ranger sized ute

  • I’ve read all the comments & agree with all of them. The American utes (trucks) are too big for Australia & the Australian utes are way over priced.pick up a second hand or demo & do it up you’re self it would be a lot better & cheaper. 70k for utes what a joke.!!!!

  • Toy, Show Pony…. This is an oversized bike carrier for the hipster lycra clad mountain biking set……. When will these manufacturers understand?…. Deliver us a REAL OFF ROADER!!!… Don’t try to reinvent the wheel use the expert knowledge at TJM & ARB to kit up a true off roader

  • Hi I bought a colorado ,Good luck with warranty . Holden will not back you up or look after you been there they will have every point covered where it is your problem

  • Stuff that 70K ya got to be kidding I rather biuy a stock new vehical and set it up with my own $19,000 accessories which suit me.. I am NOT interested in FLUFF.. just want a decent off roader with good ground clearence with Bars front and back and decent canopy to wack all me gear etc and spend money of Lockers and me own winch.. I can buy a lot of stuff for $19,000 and make it a even better then me old 94′ Hilux.. ( Maybe) but what I hear I been told to keep my old gal as they better in the bush.. ) Your Thoughts how about a test on old hilux’s against new 4×4’s and see how they Perform IN THE ROUGH and oFF ROAD seroius stuff…

  • I bought the Colorado LT Z spent $25,000 at ARB and has a lot more than what the new concept is offering no lockers no lift no canopy no roof basket no side rails and I want full frontal protection not half a bull bar

  • I guess you could take it from Holden straight to Harrop Engineering for a supercharged V8 LS conversation and a front locker while it’s there!

  • This is a great step forward from a manufacture. Bringing the aftermarket add ons into the drive away package. it’s a good growth opportunity for the brands. But I agree with Dean. They need to think a little deeper as to what people really want and add the options to enable people to do what these vehicles are really for. They could possibly rebadged this version to explorer and the extreme could offer a lift, aggressive tyres etc. Jeep has the right idea.

  • 70k for a 2.8 ltr 4cyl you have to be joking. Lipstick on a pig again regardless of the make. 79k buys you a Real ute 5.7ltr v8 dodge Ram with room and comfort. Don’t waste your money on second best.

  • After buying a Holden Captive series 2 LX .. The problems I had trying to get help under warranty from Wyong Holden I wouldn’t own another Holden even if you gave it to me!!

    • Never owned a Holden, and after reading so many comments like this, and comments from AutoExpert contributor John Cadogan, I don’t think I ever will. GM Holden’s ops in Australia are dead with dealers that don’t seem to care about their brand or their customers and cars that fail on so many levels compared to the competition. Sad really that a once great icon has just given up, as mentioned elsewhere, more bling doesn’t necessarily improve the performance of the vehicle.

  • I think yet again it’s an opportunity missed. At least Jeep put a bit of extra clearance under their trail-rated versions, rather than reducing entry and exit angles with strap-on rather than integrated accessories. Why side steps rather than sliders? Why not sort out the tow bar/anchor? Why not some decent shocks, and a choice of two or three approved tyre options? $19k of accessories and it’s still only a third of the way to being a better tourer – possibly worse if you won’t want to take up payload with a winch – and potentially less capable off-road other than for the tyres, which are a two-way bet in themselves.

  • What’s the vehicles gvm going to be like with all that extra weight as everyone knows that’s the biggest issue with four wheel drives and dual cab Utes. Bolt on a few accessories and your already over your axel load limit and pretty close to the gvm.

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