Driving Tip – Keeping Dust Out Of The Trailer

ByDex FultonMay 19, 2015
Driving Tip – Keeping Dust Out Of The Trailer

When you’re towing a hard floor camper trailer behind you through bulldust country (of which there is a lot in Australia) it’s not uncommon to unfold it at the end of a long day’s drive only to find the interior covered in talcum-like dust. But there is a good tip for keeping dust out of the trailer.



In actual fact, keeping dust out of the trailer usually comes down to a quick check when packing up in the morning. In reality, the seals on most hard-floors are actually quite good. Where people run into trouble is when they’re pulling their camp down and accidentally pinch the canvas as they’re closing the trailer up. This creates a void in the seal and allows a way in for the dust, which has a habit of getting into places it’s not welcome. Take a few seconds as you’re folding your trailer up and make sure the canvas is all tucked away. It may save you a big cleaning headache.