23 Jul 2018
The Awesome and Iconic Mungerannie Hotel

The Mungerannie Hotel is for sale 

Situated along the Birdsville Track, roughly in between Birdsville and Marree, and with a history dating back to 1886, The Mungerannie Hotel is for sale. It’s one of the quirkiest and most iconic pubs you’ve ever come across; and a must-visit for the Australian 4WDer. It…

Outback Pub Crawl
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Feature Video: An Outback Pub Crawl 

‘Outback’ (Noun); The remote and usually uninhabited inland districts of Australia. ‘Pub’ (Noun); An establishment for the sale of beer and other drinks, and sometimes food, to be consumed on the premises. According to the Oxford dictionary, the description of establishments we were about to…


Video: 2016 Birdsville Big Red Bash 

Tickets are selling out fast for the 2016 Birdsville Big Red Bash, which is brought to you by the team at Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures. Every Big Red Bash ticket comes with a subscription to Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures magazine, giving you yet another reason to…

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Outback Legends: Tom Kruse 

We ran across outback legend Tom Kruse’s old Leyland Badger recently on a trip through South Australia and were reminded of his incredible story. One of the first true remote terrain adventurers, Tom was responsible for delivering the mail between Marree in South Australia and Birdsville…

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Driving Tip: Giving Way 

When you travel through outback Australia there are a few things you’re almost guaranteed to encounter: animals, insects, tough sections of track and, of course, plenty of amazing scenery. However the one I want to talk about is road trains and other heavy vehicles.  …