Driving Tip: Giving Way

ByDex FultonMay 25, 2015
Driving Tip: Giving Way

When you travel through outback Australia there are a few things you’re almost guaranteed to encounter: animals, insects, tough sections of track and, of course, plenty of amazing scenery. However the one I want to talk about is road trains and other heavy vehicles.



The standing rule is to give them as much space as possible as they’re about as big as vehicles get and they need plenty of room to turn, stop and manoeuvre. If you’re coming up behind them they likely won’t see you and may inadvertently turn into you if you try to overtake. Try and get the driver’s attention on the UHF. Be courteous and they’ll almost always let you know when it’s safe to pass. If they’re coming at you from the opposite direction, like the grader in the photo, you’re best off pulling over to the side of the track and letting them by. It leaves them plenty of room to move and reduces the chance of getting a rock kicked up by their tyres hurtling through your windscreen at warp speed

We’ve all seen the pics of folks who don’t give these trucks enough respect, and they’re never pretty.