Emergency Plus app updated

A new feature on the Emergency Plus app could, quite literally, save your life.

The new Emergency Plus (a.k.a. Emergency+) app update has been designed to make it easier for emergency services to locate you in the event of, you guessed it, an emergency.


In any emergency situation, time and location accuracy are critical. The Emergency+ app, update now makes it easy for users to pinpoint their location down to three square metres using the ‘what3words’  feature.

The what? The Emergency+ app has been developed by Australia’s emergency services and government industry partners, and the ‘what3words’ feature essentially divides the entire surface of the earth into individual three square metre patches, each with their own three-word identifier. The app even works offline, so it can be used even when there is poor data connection.

Emergancy Plus

It’s super-easy to use: just install the app on any Apple or Android device, open it and choose between Triple Zero (for emergencies), the SES or the Police Assistance Line. Once you’ve made the appropriate call for your situation, simply tell the operator your location, which is clearly displayed on-screen in longitude and latitude coordinates, as well as via the unique ‘what3words’ feature that clearly displays the three words for your current location.

The app also has links to the National Relay Service for people who are deaf, hard of hearing and/or have a speech impairment; instructions on how to perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR); and links to other services such as Crime Stoppers, Health Direct, Life Line, the Poisons Information Line and more.

Remember, only choose the Triple Zero (000) option if someone seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help, if your life or property is being threatened, or if you have just witnessed a serious accident or crime. And when on the line stay focused, stay relevant and stay on the line.


Of course, if you’re travelling in remote areas where there is no mobile phone reception at all, you won’t be able to rely on your smartphone alone to communicate with emergency services, so for these circumstances you’ll still need either a satellite communicator, satellite phone or HF radio. As the Emergency+ app’s ‘what3words’ feature works offline through your device’s built-in GPS, however, you could still relay your location to emergency services using a satellite communicator or HF radio.

You can download Emergency Plus for free through the Apple app store or Google Play store.

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