Ford Bronco will not be just a rebadged Everest

Ford Everest MC
Ford Everest MC classification, from 2017 onwards.

American vehicle news site Autoline has confirmed through some of the Ford brass that the upcoming 2020 Ford Bronco, which has been recently confirmed for production, will be unique from the Everest model.

The interview is with Raj Nair, an Executive Vice President at Ford. The main content is regarding Ford’s upcoming new F-150, but conversation gets quickly steered towards the Ranger and Bronco models that are returning to the lineup in America.

“In terms of size, it’s going to be ‘a similar sized vehicle to what you see in the Ranger.” Mr Nair says. It’s based on the same platform, along with the Everest, so it makes sense that they will all have similar lengths, widths and wheelbases. But, it’s going to be an overtly similar car.

Ford Bronco and Ford Everest
Like the Everest, the 2019 Ford Bronco will be based on the same Ford Ranger platform. But that, apparently, is where the similarities might end …

It’s referred to in the interview as an ‘incremental vehicle’, one which builds on or adds to the existing model. He adds afterwards that it is upcoming Ford Bronco ‘completely unique from the Everest’, inferring much more than just a badge swap and basic styling.

There’s quite a bit of talk about the heritage of the Bronco name as well, something that is built for off-road work and recreation. Let’s hope they hit the nail on the head. What we still don’t know either is whether we are going to see this in Australia. Considering the R&D is led by an Australian team, and our SUV market is currently experiencing strong and growing sales, it makes perfect sense to market the Bronco here as an FJ Cruiser-esque vehicle.

Toyota showed that a well-sorted vehicle based on a good platform, but with lots of retro-cool and lifestyle changes can be a solid niche seller in Australia. That aspirational kind of model also has a knock-on effect for the rest of the range, something that wouldn’t be lost on the Ford bigwigs.

Toyota FJ Cruiser and Ford Bronco
The Ford Bronco might follow in the footsteps of Toyota’s heritage-inspired FJ Cruiser.

This comes after a Reddit user, who claims to be an Employee of Ford, warning people that the Ford Bronco won’t be much more than a re-badged Everest. This seems to go against what Mr Nair is saying, and you’ve got to believe a company executive on camera over an unidentified forum user.

The Ranger that is going to land in the good ‘ol US-of-A is going to be pretty much the same as Australian models, and the rest of the world for that matter. There will be slight tweaks in specs and inclusions to suit that domestic market, but it will be otherwise the same model.

The 2016 Ford Ranger PXII made significant headway in the 4x4 ute market.
The Ford Ranger PXII has made significant headway in the Australian 4×4 ute market.


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  • Blind Freddy knew that a genuine off roader in Australia needed a diesel option. However the FJ had the American market in mind not Australia. Their volume figures for our market didn’t apparently justify the R&D. Vehicles such as the new Patrol will never succeed in our market without diesel. Given the volume that the just deleted Patrol did in its life time the Japanese need to take a serious look at their market research criteria.

  • I couldn’t agree more Shane. I can’t understand why Toyota didn’t do this not just for the fuel economy benefits. Diesels are better in so many other ways off road.

  • The FJ Cruiser might still be manufactured if they gave buyers the option of a decent turbo diesel engine. The 4 lt petrol guzzles the juice.

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