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Ford show off Electric F150 Power

We’ve all heard about the vast amount of torque EVs produce, and Ford has proven it

Whenever something seems to change, or advancements occur, there will always be those who dig their heels in and attack difference.  It isn’t about whether electric vehicles are the only future, or if internal combustion is pointless, but instead admiring the capability that advancement in technology has brought us.

On a recent blog, we posted about the Nissan DongFeng collaboration to create the Rich 6 EV (see here). An electric ute, which led to several comments targeting the electric motor, its ability to carry weight and particularly its towing capacity. Yes, towing would drain more power than not, just like any petrol or diesel-powered vehicle. But the EVs real advantage is instant torque from a standing start, meaning it can tow more than you would think.

Ford’s way of facing this similarly negative perception about an electric-powered truck, was to put together a test to try and win over some American ‘truck lovers’ and proving its might. They did this by towing over 1,000,000lbs, that’s over 453 tonnes, and even though it is on rails with a lower rolling resistance, it’s impressive none the less. Because of its notable nature, Ford had to provide the disclaimer that it was towing “far beyond any production truck’s published capacity”.  To make sure no one decides to try and ruin their new ute when it’s released Ford stated: “never tow beyond a vehicle’s towing capacities”.

The aforementioned isn’t to say electric vehicles are perfect as they are and that its time to give up your diesel and petrol 4WDs. However, appreciating the technology and where it is going and the ability, it has instead. Lookout for full-electric 4WDs in the future, I know we’re keen to put one through its off-road paces.


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  • Personally I can’t wait for a driver assist electric truck to slip in front of the bdble trailers. Shooshing down the hwy having a nap & a bite to eat, maybe researching which electric Dodge Ram to buy in what colour etc lol bring it on.

  • diesel electric locomotives are just that. the ones that I drive have a gm v12 motor that puts out 3000kns through the alternator to power the six electric motors. why don’t they build a car using this principle power and torque.

  • I could do it with my Ford ute with Automatic transmission. I am Ford but cannot put up with brainless tongue public show horses.

  • Electric is good for pulling carriages because trains are diesel over electrics and this system helps stop slippage as metal wheels to metal rail lines. with this ford is easier because rubber tires. again say no brainer FORD. you loose this time dum heads engineers. go back to your office as we lough at you.

  • with carriages once in motion takes very light effort to move. I have worked with carriages and have moved them on my own. FORD Try again in sales pitch as this is a no brainer.

  • Pulling all that weight with just a standard tow strap that is probably only a few tonne rated and the strap didn’t break. Dream on Magic.. Trick or Treat.
    Great Treat is that Land Rover New Discovery You Tube video done in 2017 towed a 110 tonne 100 metre long road train in the Aussie outback using a solid metal connector, & towed it at speed..Not a mere crawl. I love my diesel Disco. Suck it up Ford!

    • with carriages once in motion takes very light effort to move. I have worked with carriages and have moved them on my own. FORD Try again in sales pitch as this is a no brainer.

  • On the YouTube channel ” engineering explained” yesterday it was shown by scientific methods how this was achieved. Basically any 4wd vehicle available can tow this load. Just standard advertising hype

  • yeah right. i’m on the canning and the batt needs charging. so i pull up at well 22 and
    what do i see.
    a pissed off king brown (remember they are born grumpy and perfect it with age) and no shell roadhouse with its snowflake feel good batt charger

    i’ll stick to v8 grunt

      • Electric motors were invented over a hundred years ago.
        It is not new technology.
        The reason electric cars have never been commercially viable is because they don’t work as well as petrol or diesel.
        They still don’t.
        This is despite this magazine, along with the minority’s of the media, ignoring long known facts.

        • Wrong on many levels Peter. Stationary electric engines have been used to power all manner of things, from tiny to industrial-scale. The problem with using electric motors for long distance transport has long been around power storage and refuelling ie battery technology limitations.

          Josh’s opening paragraph couldn’t be more true.

          • Yes absolutely correct Josh. Even The Ghan train is driven by electric motors but powered by very large diesel motors driving the generators to power the motors. Not battery powered. Diesel still rules for longer distances.

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