Gear News: ARB 36L Zero Fridge Freezer

The new ARB 36L ZERO Fridge Freezer expands range to five models in total.

ARB has expanded its fridge freezer line-up with the addition of the new single-zone 36L ZERO Fridge Freezer model. The addition of this new variant means there are now three single-zone ZERO fridge freezers (36L, 44L and 60L) and two dual-zone models (69L and 96L).


Like other models in the range, the new 36L ZERO Fridge Freezer features an LED display on top to make it easy to set and monitor temperature, as well as an internal LED light so you can find cold items at night. It also features front and rear 12-volt power inlets to make it easy to plug in the fridge in different positions, a 240-volt inlet at the front to pre-cool the fridge from mains power, and a handy USB port for charging and powering devices and accessories.

All ZERO fridge freezer models can also be wirelessly controlled via an app on compatible Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets. This set-up also allows for remote monitoring of fridge temperature.

ARB 36L Zero Fridge Freezer Open

The 36L ZERO is a single-zone fridge with a traditional front opening and removable lid, an internal basket with divider and sturdy carry handles. It features a boost function for rapid cool down, as well as anti-condensation technology which, ARB says, is designed to keep fridge contents dry and at the set temperature.

For true portability, the 36L ZERO Fridge Freezer can also be used with ARB’s Fridge Power Pack, which has a 15Ah lithium battery and attaches to the side of the fridge via a magnetic base. The Power Pack is claimed to be able to power a fridge for up to 18 hours (test conducted on 44L Zero fridge/freezer set at 4°C in 25°C ambient temperature).

RRP: $1149 (Australian East Coast metro)
Website: ARB ZERO Fridge Freezers
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