HiLux fails Moose Test, admirably. (VIDEO)

BySam PurcellOctober 27, 2016
HiLux fails Moose Test, admirably. (VIDEO)

Swedish publication Teknikens Värld has conducted a ‘Moose Test’, with a variety of dual cab utes. Performing a sharp turn and then straightening,  the test simulates what kind of evasive driving you have to do in order to not crash into something unexpected, like a Moose.

The Toyota HiLux, which did a less-than-stellar job back in 2007, has once again failed the test quite poorly. Quite a few different dual-cab utes have been tested, and it’s quite obvious to onlookers that the HiLux is pretty bad.

Not only does the HiLux fail to stay within the set cones, it also comes dangerously close to rolling over. We haven’t had a chance to speak with Toyota Australia about this or the guys who did the story, but will in due course. In the meantime, check out the video below, and let us know what you think.

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