New 2019 Triton to be announced soon

Mitsubishi are set to reveal the new 2019 Triton on November 9, with the first wave expected to go on sale in Australia during the first quarter of 2019.

At this stage, we don’t know a great deal, aside from a rather grainy teaser image, and a very short press release. What we can tell you, is that the front looks to pick-up the very slimline, slanted, lights and grille setup seen in other Mitsubishis (think: similar to the just released Pajero Sport), and we’re expecting to see the same body and chassis design from previous models, but with the face-lifted front.

Not really much to go on by the photos… We’ll have to wait till release on November 9.

Mitsubishi has said in their teaser release, that the new 2019 Triton will continue the “…smart capabilities combined with car-like comfort.” They have also said that the new model will have enhanced performance, functionality, durability, safety and refinement.

The Mitsubishi Triton retains the number three spot in Dual Cab sales, sitting just behind the Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux, with exceptionally strong sales, due in part to their pricing and rather solid value for money. We’re hoping to see some upgrades that will bring the new 2019 Triton on par with their competition, however retain the value for money and price point that has kept them in third place. That said, expect to see heavy discounting at the dealer level as they attempt to move the last of their MQ Tritons from stock.

We’ll come back to you with more details once the new Triton is released in a little over a week. Tell us below if you’d consider buying a Triton and what things on a newly released model would sway you one way or the other?


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  • Had a basic MQ Dual Cab for 2 years now, Manual with a few basic mods and have just clocked 60000 Ks. Have towed and towed with this bruiser and quite frankly it has been faultless. The main mod for me has been the secondary fuel filter, a worthwhile addition to any of these new generation diesel motors. Yep. keep on trucking.

  • Owned Patrol GU 4.2 TD for last 10 years all set up for touring and purchased 2017 MQ dual cab for work vehicle. Very impressed and after a little modification, suspension tyres and Stealth throttle controller I was hooked. Love the ride. Now, which one do I sell?

  • We have a 2016 MQ Triton and have spent a fair bit of time building it up and testing it to be a very capable remote area tourer. I have to say after owning alot of landcruisers and others along the way the triton has continued to impress with how capable and how extremely underrated it is

  • When are Mitsubishi going to give us the 3.2 NW Pajero donk.It would be a world beater. Nothing would beat it and Ranger ,VW, Toyota ETC would be second best.

  • I’m looking to pick up one of the 2018 models at runout time.
    Hoping for a great deal on a double cab chassis auto.
    I’ll be using it to tow my boat and caravan.

  • The Triton used to be a not half bad looking dual cab, but don’t know what has happened in recent years. My only Mitsubishi was a Challenger which I believed shared a lot with the Triton, and although I liked the look of it, the driveline was a big dissappointment. So I guess for me to even consider a new Triton it would have to look at least as good as a Colorado, and have a good solid driveline. Price is not enough – the whole package needs to be favourable.

  • The 2010 mn we have is the best by far value for money we’ve spent on a new vehicle. That said I hope the new model is more refined with less harsh feedback through the steering wheel. Also less turbo lag below 1800 rpm . Look forward to seeing the improvements coming up

  • My first Triton is an MQ Club Cab and that is after being very impressed with a friends MN. The MQ isn’t standard anymore, it’s been modified into a comfortable long distance (very) remote area tourer, and after an August run West to East over the Anne Beadell Highway I am very happy with my choice of base vehicle. It is lighter than most of the competition, it doesn’t mislead the buyer with bullshit claims that it can actually tow 3.5 tonne, and unlike the Hilux, Navara, and Ranger, doesn’t need hundreds of kg of payload taken out of the vehicle to tow 3 tonne. Great vehicle and well priced too.

  • Their success is base on a niche market where the vehicles are built and priced between the cheaper and lesser recognized Chinese, Indian, Asian offerings and the vastly overrated and overpriced widely known brands. This equals very clever marketing of good quality widely recognized vehicles that get the job done for most buyers.

  • My third Triton, the MQ. I would be looking for a greater departure angle , specifically the terrible tow bar assembly and the tray overhang. Other anoying features such as reaching through the steering wheel to access basic info such as trip meter, temperature etc. Basic design flaws that were not in the previous model.

  • Price would be the biggest factor in what is now a very competitive market. The leaders have pushed themselves beyond the reach of the customer base that were buying NEW vehicles only 5 years ago.

  • I have a 2016 Triton and they are great value for money but need to get rid of the rear drum brakes and have all 4 discs. A better quality paint job would also help.

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