X-Class 6X6… yep, really.

Ok, so you may remember a few months ago, we ran a story about the Carlex X-Class EXY – essentially a beefed up and out, Mercedes X-Class. Sure, it got big wheels and rubber, a bit of a lift, and some nice bars on it, but it was very much still an X-Class… Well, now the Crazy Poles have gone and thrown another axle under it, drawn some awesome sketches, and come up with an X-Class 6X6.

Carlex are still very light on the details, however they have confirmed that it will actually be a full 6X6 conversion with drive to all wheels, so long as production gets off the ground. Unfortunately, it’s still ‘in consideration for production’ according to one source, however they’re holding out hope it will make it to production stage.

Give a Pole some crayons, butchers paper, and vodka, and you get this…

The general belief is that the Carlex folks will leave well enough alone under the bonnet of this monster, continuing to utilise the 190kW V6 Mercedes diesel engine, but you should expect a touch of ECU remapping trickery to get the numbers up just that much further. It will however get the extra diff, a lift, Mickey Thompson Baja Claws (if the design renderings are anything to go by), abso-bloody-lutely HUGE rear guards to go over the rear wheels, and the EXY front and rear ends that they have previously released.

As we get more details from Carlex on the X-Class 6X6 we’ll keep you updated… Oh, and there’s a very real chance we’ll actually see these Down Under. That said, you can expect to pay a very pretty penny for one…


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  • Sooo is this a real car or just an artists impression of an idea?

    If real, the govt would love to have heaps of them driving around since they attract almost twice the rate of registration fees and insurance.

    The military Landrover 6×6 was nice to drive even though it had the turning circle of a mack truck!

  • It may have more comfort than some of the other competitors out there but really in all honesty, it will never compete with Patriot Campers Mega 6×6… C’mon Toyotas 79 series is a real 4×4 built to get dirty and to get the job done. This Mercedes version of the 6×6 looks like something you drive to the local supermarket to get your groceries only to complain that the parking spaces are to small.

    • You’re kidding right!! Toyota are the only manufacture that treat their customers like dumb asses. The ONLY thing a 79 has going for it is the engine, everything else is inferior in every respect to other offerings. And for some reason, toyotaphiles just keep believing the crap they get fed. You shouldn’t even use Toyota in the same sentence as Mercedes.

      • Essentially it’s the banks that cause the drama. Lending sprees and high fees. Education costs through the roof. Our labour costs are still low compared to everyday living costs. $1.80+ for Deisel and $65 for a carton of beer.

        • A note for all. Workers in Korean dockyards, car plants and also ship builders earn more in real terms than Australian workers in those positions even did.
          The Australian car industry died because we were too far from other markets, our production lines were comparatively antiquated when it came to automation and their capacity was too small.

    • Looking at the pictures one big floor i can see is the different tracking between the front axle and the rear axles keeping in mind this is a concept car.

      What happened to the Aust car industry the government finally woke up to the fact the Aust consumer was being ripped off with bail outs of the industry in the earlier days all government vehicles were Holden or Ford and huge import tarriffs to protect them with a large % of the profits going back to America

  • Great looks but all show and no go without a diesel V8, looks heavy.
    Would need a pretty radical design for the essential canopy so as not to spoil the looks.

    • Because the 4X4’s took over and like it or not the automotive climate changed as well. The need for vehicles to pull up to 3.5 tonne was a big factor in killing the one tonne Ute of the 20th century. Times change this is the 21st century and while we all may not agree with all the changes being wrought upon us we all have to live with them.

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