New Release: Uniden iGO 4K Dash Cam

Just released by Uniden is the iGO 4K Dash Cam. With increasing numbers of vehicles on the road each year, safety and security have become more important than ever.

The iGO 80 Dash Cam

Dash cams, if  you’ve not seen nor heard of them before are a camera (or set of cameras) that record the going-ons around your vehicle, both when you’re driving, and sometimes even when you are no where near the vehicle.

Uniden have just released a new range of dash cams that record in 4K resolution, so every minute detail is captured by the camera, should the need of a video recording arise in a traffic incident. With a compact and contemporary design, the Uniden iGO 4K dash cam sits neatly on the windscreen without obscuring the drivers vision. With a quick and easy plug and play setup, the installation is quick and simple. A sticker mount system attaches the dash cam to the windscreen, moving away from conventional suction cups that have been known to fail on hot days.

The Uniden iGO 70R dash cam

Resolution on the iGO can be set from 1080p all the way to 4K, with viewing angles of 120-150 degrees. There is also an inbuilt parking sensor, for peace of mind when the vehicle is unattended, that begins recording when any impact on the vehicle or vibration is detected.

They also include driver assist features including large speedo display, red light / speed camera warning and an advanced driver assist system. Footage is stored on an internal SD card with footage protection. On the higher end models (iGO cam 70R and iGO cam 80), there is also built in wifi, so you can share footage direct to your smart device via the free Uniden iGO app.

Do you have a dash cam, or would you look at a Uniden iGO 4k dash cam?


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  • I go to your article to read up on your new Uniden iGo 4k Dash Cam and to compare your specifications against others and you do do list them. You state some basic facts; But, How can I compare them to others and the pricing. I find if you state in your reading something and it isn’t there why bother stating it in the first place. Is there something you do not what your readers to know? or you do not what them to make a calculated decision on your facts. I hope next time when you say something you follow through with it.

  • Definitely interested, I’ve had a dashcam on my list of wants for a while now, will have to pull the trigger soon I think.

  • Have used a dash cam for several years and would not be without it. The ability to easily record and save some of the near misses or ridiculous behavior is a constant reminder to be aware. As mine also records speed/location it has helped in one incident where a car door was opened without warning as i was passing.
    I see it as a future oem feature as part of the reversing camera and gps systems.

    It also is of interest when off road, you don’t need to be trying to film an activity but concentrate on the driving. it is always there.

  • Yes I would consider this Dash Cam , I am looking at upgrading my present vehicle and intend putting one in unit looks good

  • I regard a dash cam as essential. I deliver to remote locations all over Australia towing a trailer, spending days on the road. I need a record of my journey as well as the security of evidence of the many driving conditions and incidents that occur.