ByEldon De CroosJune 19, 2011


In the old days, blokes like Glover and Needham could disappear for weeks – even months – into the wastes of the Great Sandy or Simpson Deserts, knowing that no-one could contact them.Complete isolation – must have been great!

But these days, people expect to be able to get in touch with you whenever, regardless of where you are. And while it’s terrific to show the kids how to identify different animal tracks and traces, or search for Spinifex Hopping Mice during the day, what if they want to use the X-Box and you want to access your e-mails?

You need a 12V-240V power inverter, and we’ve been making excellent use of Redarc’s Pure Sine power inverters.

People don’t realise that not all power inverters are equal. The output from many inverters is a Modified Sine Wave, inferior to the power supplied by the 240V mains power supply. Redarc Pure Sine Wave inverters on the other hand, produce a Pure Sine Wave output.

This means the power output from a Redarc Pure Sine Wave inverter is not only the same as the mains supply… it’s often even better! A Pure Sine Wave is not only critical for the correct functioning of high end electronic equipment, it will also ensure that all your appliances run more smoothly, producing less heat and noise. And there are heaps to choose from, depending on your needs, ranging from a mini 150w unit up to a whopping 3000w.

They take the power from any standard deep cycle battery and use it to fire up radios, TVs, laptops, videos, kitchen appliances, power tools – virtually anything that runs on 240V.

Remember, if you’re going to use an inverter when your vehicle is stationary, fit a second battery with proper relays and isolators and get the job done professionally by a specialist.

Oh, and having an inverter switched on while you are driving is a very dangerous thing to do as, in the event of an accident, it can turn your vehicle into a big live wire!