Nissan has just given the average punter an in-depth look into their manufacturing operations in Bangkok, Thailand; specifically at the NP300 Navara.

Being where Nissan’s very first Navara was produced, it’s no wonder Thailand has continued to be Nissan’s main Australasian production hub. The Navara accounts for well over 50% of Nissan’s exports from Thailand.

Full details on the new Nissan Navara II were announced last week and Nissan is now offering an incredible view into the manufacturing process of the NP300. The five-minute video uploaded on Nissan’s official Youtube channel takes the viewer from the stamping of the raw steel through to the final quality check over and road test.

Nissan Navara NP300

Yep – before it was this dirty…

Having a coil spring rear suspension set-up the NP300 is the only dual cab ute in Australia to not feature leaf spring rear end. The Navara has, however, maintained the payload and towing capacity of their counterparts from the other manufacturers.

Throughout the video, you hear from the heads of the manufacturing areas including paint engineers and quality assurance specialists.

Sure, it’s a little bit fancy, and very PR orientated. But most certainly still worth a look, if only to see what goes into them.

Not long off the factory floor…


As the Y61 Patrol has now been cancelled, the Navara and Y62 remain the only 4X4’s in the Nissan lineup. What we really want to know is: When are we going to see the Titan-XD brought into Australia by Nissan? What with its 5 Litre Cummins V8 Turbo Diesel, exceptional good looks, and American Truck feel.

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