How to take a tyre off a wheel. Tyre Repair Part 1

In this short video, we show you how to take a tyre off a wheel, out in the field. You need some specialist tools to get it done, and a bit of know-how as well. If you’ve got some serious damage that a plug won’t be able to fix, these skills could make a big difference out in the bush. In this case, we are using Tyrepliers.


Click here to watch How to repair a puncture. Tyre Repair Part II

Click here to watch How to fit a tyre onto a wheel. Tyre repair part III



This is the first installment of a three-part series, which will run you through removing, repairing and replacing a tyre so it can be used an operating spare. It’s important to note here that a trained professional should inspect the tyre as soon as possible, but have another spare that can at least hold air out in the bush could mean the difference between making a tough satphone call, or being able to limp out under your own steam.

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