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How to fit a tyre onto a wheel. Tyre repair part III

In this final instalment, Dave shows us how to fit a tyre back onto a wheel in the bush, re-seat the bead, and re-inflate. As long as you have the right tools and a little bit of know-how at hand, you’ll be able to pull this off yourself, out in the bush.

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  • This is the best set of “How to” videos on tyre change and repairs I’ve seen. Conducted within the environment that in 99% of the time we would all find ourselves. Great camera work to show exactally what to do and how the manage position of tyre, levers and operator. Thank you

  • Well it has been over 20 years since I have changed car tyres and I can’t believe how easy that bead breaker did the job, (in your competent hands) I have had more trouble with pneumatic ones on garage equipment.
    Putting that valve back in, Dave you did a great job and made it look very easy.
    For me, I would insert the valve exactly as you would (if I was in a workshop and had spare valves,) Rather than risk the Schraeder valve flying from my fingers when attempting to insert it against the pressure of the escaping air from the tyre I would let more air escape (given that the bead had popped and is now sealed) fit the valve and then re-inflate the tyre. Worst case, I run the compressor longer than required.
    Also as someone else noted, you must have had a very good (high volume) compressor. Another way that I have sealed the beads (with a low volume compressor) was to tie a rope around the tyre tread then place a stick (tyre lever) under the rope and wind it up, tightening the rope and causing the centre line of the tread to be pulled intowards the rim which in turn pushes the beads out. (Especially useful for guys who aren’t as big or strong as you) 🙂
    Also if you were prepared to do that type of repair out in the bush, would you consider packing a new tube which when inflated would apply pressure to your patch and make the repair a little more solid?

  • Excellent videos. I’ve previously looked up tyre removal/replacement with levers before and nothing comes close to being this informative. Well done. Agree that this would be very useful to download if possible.

  • Could this be made into an app? This clear and concise explanation would be so handy played back on the IPad or mobile phone should the need arise out in the bush. Well done!

  • Informative, practical & well presented video. This sort of info would be good to be able to download & keep on phone for when out of mobile range.

  • Very well explained Dave gives a great demo easy to follow I watched the three videos I an 70 years of age and never too old to learn to me a tyre lever was a tyre lever never realised the significance of the both ends Thanks Dave

  • Fantastic explanation and demonstration. You need to have this bloke doing more of these useful videos. Best demonstration and explanation I have seen in years.

  • Excellent clear information, need to get that tyre lever gadget. Could we have another video of plugging a hole through the tread please. Thanks

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