The BIG insurance scam. Is your touring 4X4 actually insured?

[x_text]G’day Guys,

I was hoping for a little help here! Most four-wheel drivers know that 4X4 insurance just covers the bare bones – just vehicle itself. The insurer will cover the 4WD and perhaps the odd accessory, but when it comes to genuine accessories like diff locks, suspension kits, storage drawers and rooftop tents etc, they’re just not covered. So you could be left in a serious financial hole if something happens on your adventures. Which is where your help comes in.[/x_text]

[x_text]We’re working with a company that are interested in fixing this problem and providing genuine 4X4 insurance – but only if they see the need. So I’d really appreciate it if you could give them a hand and answer a short two minute survey to specific 4X4 insurance. All going well, you will have helped create a new insurance product that will protect four-wheel drivers wherever they go, and for whatever they fit to their 4WD.

And don’t worry, there’s something in it for you as well. Everyone that completes the survey will land a $10 voucher to spend on anything they like in the MR4X4 shop. You will get the codeword on completion of the survey to claim your $10 off voucher. And on top of that, five people will land our one of our very special limited edition Archive Collector’s boxes. This is a beautifully boxed and embossed product, complete with mint copies of the first eight editions of Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures premium magazine. It’s a no-brainer really!

Thanks heaps for your help.

Keep the shiny side up!



Photo Credit – Rob and Kev’s Birdsville Racers Trip.
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  • Hi Ralph,

    Thanks for the comment, i do remember hearing about your case. You’re not alone, i do feel we have a need to review this and we will.

    Thanks again for the feedback.


    GM Club 4X4

  • Hi all
    I would like 4×4 insurance to cover glass in our Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland.
    I was insured with 4×4 insurance until a found out the the max insured sum for a windscreen was $1000.00.
    The cost of a windscreen for the Overland is $2200.00
    Everything else the 4×4 insurance covered was exactly what I wanted.

    So because the glass coverage was not nearly enough, I cancelled the insurance with 4×4 insurance and am now insured with RACV, which covers all the vehicle glass for genuine replacement and unlimited glass claims per insured period.
    Budget also covered what RACV did.

    Please review the PPS to match the real vehicle coverage that seems to be an industry standard.
    When I cancelled our insurance with 4×4 Insurance I explained why I was cancelling, so I know it was noted.
    Please do not hestiate to contact myself if a change in the glass replacement policy is changed.


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