Ultra Vision NITRO Maxx LED Light Bar released!

The newest addition to the Ultra Vision Lighting line up has just landed. The NITRO Maxx LED Light Bar is Ultra Vision’s newest product, and boasts some rather solid specifications. Being made right here in Australia, they’re designed and built for some of the worlds toughest conditions and terrains.

NITRO Maxx LED Light Bar
NITRO Maxx LED Light Bar performance

They feature the new Widr® & Contrl® optic which utilises unique reflectors to deliver increased light output, pushing both distance and spread barriers. Both base and side mounting kits are available, to ensure you can fit it up to just about anything you’d like. There is also anti-theft lock nuts and full wiring kits supplied with the light bars to make fitting as quick and easy as possible, whilst offering a defence against the theft of your investment.

Looking directly at the specs of the NITRO Maxx LED Light Bar, you’ll notice they’re no slouch either! Running between 100-200 watts depending on model, the 200W model will quite happily put out a full Lux at a respectable 750 metres.

The new lights also have a range of features that will ensure they last the distance. There’s a 5-year warranty straight out of the box, solid IP-68 rating, and Deutsche® connectors as standard. The light bars will also all run on anything from 9-36 volts, so whether they’re going on a standard 12V system, or full-blown 24V truck setup, you’re not going to have an issue. Colour temperature across the range is set to a very comfortable 5700K, so they’re not going to be murder on your eyes using them for big night time miles.

NITRO Maxx LED Light Bar
You can spot the different-shaped optics on the front of the NITRO Maxx LED Light Bar

All in all, a solid, Aussie built light from Ultra Vision Lighting that is absolutely worth a look in when it comes time for a new set of lights for your rig. Have you seen the NITRO Maxx LED Light Bar in the flesh being used? Post your thoughts on them below! But in the meantime, stay tuned for a full review of these lights in the future.


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  • I see there are a lot of new LED lights on the market at the moment. My experience with a well known brand is the whiteness of the light is such that it washes out all color on the side verges. I have experienced kangaroos bent over eating, being not different in color to clumps of grass the same height. I see the Nitros are rated at 5700 Kelvins. I would like to see all LED lights rated in Kelvins. My experience with house LED’s is that anything over 4000 is a very white light. Is there an LED that comes in closer to 3000 Kelvins that actually might allow the color of the environment to be seen and the safety of the trip enhanced?

    Most of these lights look fantastic in a simple test, but are terrible if you are driving toward them and have to dip your LED at least as well as the on coming driver doing the same, at1.5 kilometers from the other guy with his LEDs. So where is the safety in both driving on low beam for an extended period?

    I used to drive through 5 kilometers of unfenced scrub several nights a week so my experience is very fresh.

  • I too would be interested to see these in action. I have taken off all my lightbars and fitted Fyrlyt 900 lights, because the 6000 plus KhZ output of the light bars washes out the colours in front (especially of roos!) and reflects horribly off road signs and any dust or fog in the air.

    I also agree with Paul about the light pattern. No point in having light scattered up into the trees and all over the place.

  • I would love to see what light these actually put out, I have seen so many light bars which claim to be the bees knees and are horrible.
    Getting the light pattern right on these things seems to be difficult, is there any chance you can publish an update with any images showing light coming from them ?

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