Unsealed 4X4 Issue 53 – Out Now!

ByWes WhitworthAugust 22, 2018
Unsealed 4X4 Issue 53 – Out Now!

The end of winter is in sight and with it, we bring you some tips for the warmer weather, when we all start heading out to the beach, instead of the snow. We give you, for the low, low price of absolutely FREE, Unsealed 4X4 Issue 53! Have a gander at the video below, giving you the hard and fast list of what makes this issue awesome.


Ford Ranger Raptor – Does it cut the mustard?

We give the brand spanking 2-litre twin-turbo Ranger Raptor a run in the Northern Territory Outback to see if it stacks up. Yep, it’s only a little 2-litre diesel, but is it enough to turn the stock 33-inch tyres, and do the bypass shocks make up for the lack in power?

Super (charged) Shorty Custom

Yep, only an eight-year build to produce arguably Australia’s toughest (legal) touring short-wheel base jeeps. This thing is AWESOME!

Cape York for Beginners

We run you through everything we wish we knew before our first trip to the Cape. From required mods, to fuel stops, and fines for too much grog on board, all the way to tools you should take, where to camp, and things you absolutely have to see while you’re up there.

Arctic trucks – part two

We join Pat and Gus again for part two of their Iceland trip playing with the Arctic Trucks, some rather stunning scenery, and even a stop over in an igloo…

How 4X4 manufacturers are getting it wrong

Our editor Ev looks at all the things the manufacturers are doing, and how it’s all ass-about face.

Because perspective is everything

Drones are a thing now. Anyone who’s anyone has one, or is thinking about it – we review the DJI Mavic Pro and give you the ins and outs on what we think of it… and a couple of tips thrown in too. Tip one – don’t bin it…

Unsealed 4X4 Issue 53

So there you have a quick round up of Unsealed 4X4 Issue 53. Make sure you head on over and have a read of it, cause, it’s gonna cost you nothing, give you a metric ship-tonne of good info, and at the end of the day, we all like pretty pictures!