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Watch a 2,000hp GU Patrol go so fast the door falls off

When we told you last week that Nissan is relaunching the 4.8 litre, petrol GU Patrol in the Middle East, a few Australians got excited by the prospect of owning the gusty, guzzling giant.

Maybe it’s just nostalgia kicking in now the GU Patrol is all-but dead in Australia, but I’d wager that we wouldn’t be half as excited as those crazy, dune-cruising folk of the Middle East. That Patrol, with the TB48 engine under the bonnet, has a bit of a cult following. The engine is ridiculously tunable, and the rest of the car is built tough enough to take it.

How tunable, I hear you ask? very. insanely. We aren’t talking a muffler delete, pod filter and flat brim hat here. We’re talking 2,500bhp, and the ability to smash over 300 kilometres an hour. Watch this video, to see how far these things can get pushed.


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