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You can still buy a 4.8 litre GU Patrol in the Middle East

4.8 litre GU Patrol
4.8 litre GU Patrol

Nissan in the Middle-East has brought back It’s legendary GU Patrol, otherwise known as the Y61, from the brink of death with a bit of a special-edition rebirth. And it has their most-loved engine under the bonnet. No, it’s not the ZD30 or TD42. And no, it isn’t the 298kW V8 that the Y62 has.

We aren’t getting it in Australia, however. It’s getting axed here, and is being sent off with a ‘Legend’ special edition.

It’s the petrol 4.8 litre GU Patrol, described as “one of the most coveted off-road vehicles ever sold in the region”, and we’d believe it. It’s kind of like the love of later 4.2 diesel Patrols that still go for big money in Australia, but over there, it’s a little bit different, here are a few reasons why it’s so loved.

1: The driveline:

Moving bits on these on these things are built like a tank. Diffs, gearboxes and driveshafts can put up with an exorbitant amount of power and torque before letting go. Which means it’s perfect for the Arabian obsession with psi, and lots of it.

2: The engine:

Where Australians love the TD42, Middle-Easterners go weak-at-the-knees for the petrol derivatives: namely the 4.8-litre TB48. It’s straight-six injected petrol engine, which makes 185 kW @ 4800 rpm 420 N·m @ 3600 rpm. The beauty of it, however, is that it’s built like a diesel, which means it is capable of so, so much more power. Using so, so much more fuel while doing it. Add boost, and watch the magic happen.

3. Modifications:

These are perfect for their propensity to drive really, really, quickly in the desert. You can turbo this engine to proportions, and the rest of the car can handle it. This is why it’s so loved.

The model is called a ‘Super Safari’, which is a bit of a top-spec monster. It has a centre-cooled fridge, electric leather seats and a fair amount of electronic driver aids. When when you’re doing 200km/h sideways up the lee of a 50-metre sand dune, you can check your tyre pressures easily as well with the onboard TPMS, sipping from your cool ice tea. So handy.

“We know this vehicle will appeal to many customers who have grown up with the Super Safari brand, and as new generations come to know the Patrol Super Safari, they too will appreciate its legendary capability and appreciate its deep-rooted heritage in the region’s culture,” said Samir Cherfan, managing director of Nissan Middle East. This is what he means:

Nissan leveraging off their culture of vehicles loved by enthusiasts? Blow me down, what a good idea.



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  • Why have an article about something you cant get here? Because its interesting to see what the rest of the world is doing too

  • Well, I have a Nissan Patrol ZD30 TDI and I’ve done Big Red easy in 2015. And I’d be happy to show eveyone else how to do it.

  • Sorry, it I don’t get the point of the article about a 4WD you can buy in the Middle East but not in Australia.

  • The engine specs are not the same as Australia 6 years ago. It now has 208kw and 450NM. I know this is a diesel fan club site but the 4.8 doesn’t use that much fuel. My GU IV with 2 inch lift, 33’s. sahara bar and winch will do mid 14’s on freeway. They get a bad rap from people who drive them like commodores and try and be first off the lights and get up to speed as soon as possible. Just like many grey nomads like to brag about almost impossible fuel figures, the same goes with young 4.8 owners trying to out do each other with how little they can get from a tank.

    The thing that is so appealing about a 4.8 besides is smooth power delivery, fairly good 5 speed auto is the reliability. Just put fuel in it and go. It doesn’t have to be babied in hot weather, no worries about crap fuel, just drive it. People get too wrapped up about fuel use. I would say most families have a second car to do a lot of the daily driving and probably don’t go away as often as they would like. Using 5L/100km a couple of times a year on long trips is no big deal considering the outlay of a new 4wd. Then there are people that spend $100k on a caravan and still worry about a few hundred $ in fuel a couple of times a year.

  • John obviously wasn’t at big red doing the hard steep section the day we were there . Three Discovery 4’s with TDV6 Diesel made it up with ease at first attempt. Discovery 2 with TD5 Diesel made it up on first go albeit with difficulty with lower horsepower. A Landcruiser 200 made it up easily but with more wheelspin than the Discovery 4. A Ford Ranger made it up at first attempt but with a lot of wheelspin.
    All vehicles dropped tyre pressure to approx 20 psi before commencing.
    Sorry no Nissans present. Horsepower was the obvious winner.

  • Loved my 4.8 ltr Patrol – 350,000 km and not one oil leak, heaps of power and just a great reliable 4×4. It was brilliant off road, with a 2″ lift , live axles and heaps of lower down torque it didn’t need diff locks just a dab of right foot and it went up hills that others were needing lockers. It got up big red (the hard, steep section) in one go, no problems, all other vehicles like the Discovery, Hilux, Rangers etc couldn’t make it over the tip – the 4.8 did it with ease.
    It was a great touring vehicle too, smooth & quiet compared to its diesel siblings. Just a bloody good 4×4 – in my view one of Nissans best ever.

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