Watch: Jillaroo Jess’s LandCruiser BJ70 brakes fail

Together with the guys from Terrain Tamer, Jillaroo Jess is building the ultimate mustering buggy from a classic LandCruiser BJ70. So how does the old girl’s brakes hold up? Not well, as it happens! After performing terribly in a stopping test, the BJ70 heads into the workshop for a complete new set of brakes, while Jess gets the 101 on how it’s done.

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  • It must be hard working in visual production these days, trying to convince the audience that you are somewhere or something which isn’t the case. The cutaway shots of the station homestead, when they are closer to the coast is obvious, just to name a few. How about we have some good old integrity and professionalism back in the the industry?

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