Watch a Jimny outperform a Range Rover off-road.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love cruising around the countryside in a $291,000 Range Rover Autobiography just as much as the next loyal subject of Her Majesty the Queen. But there is just something uniquely fulfilling in watching what is arguably the most humble 4X4 ever built, eat it up off-road: The Suzuki Jimny.

The folks over at Autocar recently put the two head to head to see how well the little Jimny that could, would stack up against what is referred to as “a proper off-roader”. Not to spoil it too much, but the minimal 1050kg and solid axles of the Jimny sure do go a long way in proving the point. Add to that the exceptional entry, departure, and ramp over angles, selectable low-range, and the massive amounts of technology in the Range Rover just become a bunch of shiny buttons.

With the Jimny expected to return to Suzuki Dealerships either late this year, or early next, and spy videos turning up all over the place, we thought it worth revisiting just how good these little jiggers were off-road. So without further ado, enjoy watching the $20,000 humble little off-roader kick the $291,000 Range Rover ass!


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  • I have owned 2 Suzuki Jimny’s and absolutely loved them . I WENT EVERYWHERE in it . I was always up the bush in all sorts sorts of terrain . A 4×4 club else to come to the Strathbogie Ranges in there big 4×4, s and one bloke in his little Suzuki out did the lot of them and all the other drivers admitted they couln’t go where he went. These little thibgs can just about climb a tree.
    I hope they bring them back as they were so popular.

  • Agree with John Royds. Give me a Rangie any day, driven correctly will go anywhere any of the others will go.

  • As pointed out earlier, suzy driver no seat belt and why did every new shot both cars had bee cleaned .
    Why? they are 4WD after all.

  • Really two useless drivers with a plain bias toward the Suzuki. A great bit of journalism for a Suzuki sales folder. Pick one of the two too take to any of the islands or the Simpson or any Australian desert. A matchbox car or a full size Rang Rover (not an autobiography) Of course any short wheel base light 4×4 is going to out do a big fat Rangie in that tight muddy course. Give me a full size Cruiser, Disco or Rangie any day.

    If the Suzuki is so good we will probably see Pat changing the VW for the new model soon.

  • All in fun. Put some mud tyres on both and they would both get you a long way off the beaten track. I simply do not have the sort of money or the want though to put a luxury car through territory a Jimny would go. Jimny is just a fun go anywhere machine that costs nothing – perfect off-roader

  • A litle biased seeing the suzuki was taking run ups in the mud and the RR was crawling thru even the second time when he stated he would have a run up he still crawled thru which any 4wd will struggle, you need momentum in mud and thats what the suzuki driver did but not the RR driver so it was filmed to purposely make the RR look bad. not a reliable test at all. In real life the suzuki wouldn’t stand a chance againt the RR in serious off roading in Australia.

  • Many years ago I had a Lada Niva which went everywhere the bigdick 4WDS went. The added value of having this vehicle was If some numnut had managed to get bogged to the axles they didn’t expect expect us to help. Ha Ha!

  • What a load of bull, a tiny mud hill that simply was not a proper test. How about rough terrain and wheel travel. Flex the suspension and see the little Suzuki go??
    A heavy vehicle will need to get a faster run up, ever motive force and gravity sure played its role on the little hill.
    Give it a proper test..

  • How come the seatbelts don’t fit over the shoulder of the Jimny driver? Not very safe in a rollover, which doing the things you guys were doing was always a possibility.

  • Yeah, good fun, but a bit of a beat-up.
    Same conditions a Lada Niva would also embarrass the Rangy (or any other heavy 4wd vehicle).
    Anything that weighs 2+ tons will have difficulty here unless they are running mud tyres.
    Both cars had silly road tyres on and of course the lighter car wins!
    In any situation similar to the video and on those tyres, or on a veeery narrow track, a smaller & lighter 4wd will always have an advantage, no matter what make of vehicle.

  • Really? Any person who has even driven a Suzuki 4×4 could tell you these little beauties will not only out perform a RR off road but also Toyota’s, Nissan, VW etc. They are crap at long distances but they are light weight and narrow, something the others aren’t. So if you can’t get it over something, you get some Suzuki mates and carry out over the obstacles. How is this is a story?

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