$112k Giveaway Winners Announced


Craig from Bateau Bay, NSW! He’s just won a brand spanking new V6 Amarok, Cub Frontier Camper, and a range of other prizes totalling over $100k!

Runner up winners were:

John of Albion Park Rail, NSW

Michael of Wagga Wagga, NSW

Jessica of Redlynch, QLD

Sarah of Woori Yallock, VIC

John of Margate, QLD

Each of the runners up have won a $1000 Club 4X4 voucher, a $1000 ARB voucher and a Pat Pack!

A massive thanks to all our sponsors who have made this give away possible!


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  • I always think it is unfair that it seems like competitions are weighted in favour of Vic & NSW.
    However those are the states with the biggest populations by far.
    So a competition could have a rule that picked say 100 entries from each state & the winners were drawn from that pool.
    That would seem fair.
    However the 100 entries from NSW would be representing 5million people & possibly 100,000 actual entries.
    Whereas the 100 entries from WA would only be representing 1million people & possibly only 20,000 entries.
    Which is fair?
    So when all the entries are put in the barrel, those from the 2 big states flood & overwhelm those from the smaller states like SA, WA & Tas.
    Even QLD often misses out.
    Whole competitions can be populated with winners from just the 2 big states.

  • To Justin Sturdee:
    Hello Justin
    You’re right, power and torque peak output figures don’t tell you the real story.
    The older, longer-stroke, larger-capacity diesels did indeed deliver a lot of torque down low…and not a lot of power. For towing, it’s not just pure torque, it’s also power. Otherwise, you’d be happy towing in low range right, lots of torque? The smaller diesels are happier to rev higher, and that’s a good thing if you want to move along at highway speeds.
    Also, thanks to sophisticated turbos that work over a wide rev range, and computer-controlled combustion the small-engine torque lower down is good too. Even better, with clever automatic transmissions of up to 10 speeds now there’s a gear for every speed. So as the speed falls off the car just selects the next gear and so the engine is always in the sweet spot.
    If you are ever able to tow say a 2500kg load with say the VW Amarok auto and then same again with the LC79…it’ll open your eyes.
    As for sponsorship, I’m not sponsored by anyone for anything. I’m happy to say that my articles are published by Pat C as-is, and they never ask me to tone anything down. That’s why I keep writing for them.

    Robert Pepper
    Journalist, author, photographer etc

  • Oh Well I didn’t win but maybe next time ,so a big congratulation to the winner wow what a fab prize to win so I hope you have heaps of safe travel to see Australia with heaps of fun cheers

  • I agree with the majority of the above comments. I hope the winner enjoys his luck, and has many miles of it. Safe travelling and bundles of fun.

  • Great competition.
    You have to be in to win, and obviously a lot more people from the Eastern states were in. Everybody has exactly the same chance of winning regardless of post code. So stop moaning, congratulate the winners and try again.

  • I feel sorry for the Whingers, what a pathetic & miserable life they must leed.
    Up yours ya whining bastards ! I hope ya never win !!
    I live in S.A. & have never won anything but that’s part of the game, maybe one day.
    Congrats to the winners I say.

  • Well guys don’t you know the rules for running a competition, lottery, ect in NSW? If the company or persons running the competition are from any other state eg. Vic, SA, WA and want to sell, giveaway entries into that competition, NSW state law says that, that competition has to be drawn in NSW!!! No other state in Australia has this rule.It really makes you wonder about what other rules they have the monopoly on, I did notice the first 3 winners where from NSW

  • Mate I couldn’t win a chook raffle but don’t feel bad about the winners .Congats to all involved in a great competition keep up the good work Look forward to the next chance

  • Gees, a lot of sore losers here.
    I live in the eastern states too but I didn’t win.
    Maybe more people in the east enter.
    Congrats to the winners

  • WA has more than the fair share of major lotto, oz-lotto and power ball winners. I am not from WA. The olds saying we used in the rally world in the 70’s-80’s, Was: WINNERS ARE GRINNERS AND THE LOSERS CAN DO WHAT THEY LIKE!

  • the winner owns a million acre cattle spread , this will come in handy when he is out on a muster.ha,ha
    bill the blogger.

  • Well WA has participants in competitions as well. But if the winner doesnt want his prize he is more than welcome to give it to me. Will use it . But congrats anyway

  • What a long time waiting. No luck this time but a GREAT THANK YOU for the offered chance. I’ll wait, excitedly, for the next opportunity.

  • Eastern states again…..major winner probably is financially well off and could afford to buy an amarok and camper anyway….never ever see any winners or runner up prizes going to SA, WA, or the NT..just not right..alot of competitions like this always eastern state winners. Something needs to change, there is more to Australia then just NSW, ViC and QLD…we go camping and 4wdriving in the western and southern states too

  • Congratulations to all winners. Good luck to them. But once again no WA winners when competition is based in the ES. I won’t be entering any more ES competitions.

  • Dear Pat, pretty sure you don’t read this, but anyway….

    First of all let me say that I usually like this magazine compared to the other 4×4 mags out there as i thought you weren’t shy to say the truth.
    However, your mag recently ran a story regarding that small capacity diesels were not the enemy.
    This was a disappointing article as it didn’t reveal all the facts about smaller capacity diesels.

    Power and torque are only figures and don’t tell you the full story, where in the engine RPM range that that peak power and torque come into effect is even more important than how much it has.
    The old saying “there is no replacement for displacement” is still very true today.
    You cannot ignore the rules of physics, smaller engine will not be as strong as a larger one.

    With a small engine, your peak torque moves up to higher RPM, however, this isn’t useful when towing a van as your engine load increases and your engine falls out of the higher torque range your pretty well stuffed. Compare this with an engine of larger displacement, as the RPM drops off it will fall into the higher torque range (because the engine torque is lower in the range) and the engine WILL hold the load better.
    You can’t make a smaller engine behave like a larger one just by slapping more turbos on….You simply can’t!
    A smaller engine has its advantages, but towing a heavy load isn’t one of them.

    I know of several cases where people have had major issues with these smaller engines, trying to tow a van, whether it’s been turbo failure (turbo is working too hard because the engine is too small) or modern autos cooking themselves because they are running at high RPM all the time to try and keep the engine where it should be.

    I hope that in future, this magazine will provide ALL possible facts, although i suspect that perhaps a recent sponsorship may have prompted that article….

    • Hi Justin, people definitely read this, don’t worry! Thanks for you comments and point of view as well, I think many people will agree with you. I think you mean this story in RVDaily:

      I didn’t write the story (neither did Pat), and it certainly wasn’t sponsor driven. I’m not sure where you get that idea from? It’s simply explaining one point of view, and using some pretty fair points to back them up. I’ll pass your comments onto the RVDaily team.


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