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2018 LDV T60: Here is what you need to know.

LDV T60 - now available through the 45-strong dealer network in Australia.

SAIC Motors has lifted the lid on the LDV T60, which will become the latest player in Australia’s 4X4 ute segment. It’s a new, ground-up design, coming from the world’s 10th-largest vehicle manufacturer. We headed out to have a close look at new ute at it’s Sydney launch this week.


It’s a 2.8-litre turbo diesel motor, which is sourced via the Italian company VM. This is the same engine as Jeep’s current Wrangler oiler, as well as Holden’s Trailblazer and Colorado. Don’t get too excited though, the T60 is only rated to 110kW @ 3,600rpm and 360Nm @ 1,600rpm -2,800rpm. That is a nice, wide peak band of torque to have, and should help push the T60 along nicely. This should be a better engine than the Great Wall Steed, which makes the same power and slightly less torque from it’s 2 litres, but suffers badly at and just above idle.

This same engine has outputs of 147kW @ 3,600rpm and 500Nm @ 2,000rpm when fitted to an automatic Trailblazer or Colorado, so it begs the question: Does the LDV T60 have great tuning potential through remapping?

The LDV T60 Pro goes without some of the chrome, but has the same spec wheels and tyres.
The LDV T60 Pro goes without some of the chrome, but has the same spec wheels and tyres.


Prices start from $28,990 for those with an ABN, or $30,516 otherwise. That’s the ‘PRO’ specification with the manual gearbox. The auto is a $2,000 addition, and the LUXE version starts at $32,990, or $34,990 with an automatic gearbox. Without an ABN, you’re looking at the peculiar figures of $34,726 or $36,831. This includes a 5-year, 130,000 kilometres warranty (which includes a loaner vehicle) and ten-year warranty on rust perforation.


The lower-spec Pro comes with a fair heft of inclusions, like a 10″ touchscreen (with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity), heated mirrors and a couple of USB points up-front. There are also automatic wipers headlights, reversing camera and a tyre pressure monitoring system. The Luxe version gets softer suspension, climate control, leather seats and steering wheel, as well as an electronic rear diff lock.

THe interior is quite impressive and felt well put together. Stay tuned for a proper review and roadtest.
THe interior is quite impressive and felt well put together. Stay tuned for a proper review and roadtest.


The softer suspension means the payload and GCM of the T60 Luxe get a deduction, compared to the Pro spec. The Pro has a respectable 1,025kg payload, while the Luxe tops out at 875kg.  There’s a 3,000kg towing capacity, and a 5,950 (Luxe) and 6,050-kilogram GCM.

Impressively, the LDV T60 doesn’t have the shonky GCM deductions that almost all other 4X4 utes have. This means it can still tow it’s full 3,000kg at full payload, and visa-versa.

The T60 is aiming high, and will face some tough competition in the ute segment.
The T60 is aiming high, and will face some tough competition in the ute segment.


For a ute on the cheap side, the LDV T60 did seem to be impressively well put together. We’ll reserve full judgement after a thorough test drive on-road and off-road, but things definitely look positive so far. The front end uses IFS struts (instead of torsion bars), and the air intake is in the inner guard. The alternator is mounted high, and the starter battery is a decent size.

The T60 looks like it’s not just another cheap ute out of China; it’s great to see some thought go into a ground-up design, rather than a roughshod rehash like we’ve seen before. It looks to be a better proposition than the Great Wall, but it’s main competition will no-doubt come from the lower-spec, higher-volume Mitsubishi Triton.


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  • Brought the LDV T60 June 2018 with 20 ks on the clock fresh off the boat.
    Someone reversed into back. Off to the panel beaters took battery out to use arc wielders.
    The truck no longer recognised the key, had to be put on tow truck off to dealers 40 minutes away.
    Reprogrammed, they said the program was updated and are now charging us. Updated it is only a year old.
    Anyone else had this problem.

  • The engines are from 2 different factories 1 in China the other Thailand and emission issue are the reason on output

  • I bought a T60 Pro a month ago and have put 4000 clicks on it

    Like a lot of 4wd owners I’ve had Landcruisers and Rodeos

    I find it difficult to fault my new Ute. The engine is excellent.Fit and finish is as good as you’ll find. I love the feel of the manual shift but it does take some getting used to using reverse and downshifting from 5th to 3rd

    I simply could not justify spending 20 grand more on a similar ute
    It’s returned 8.9 litres per 100 after a mix of highway and commute and 9.8 just commute

  • For Glenn Taylor – the very first time I took mine (Luxe Auto) on a dirt road, we had to stop and engage 4WD as it seemed to be going all over the place. It was a shock as I had traversed that road many times and never experienced the ride as being scary. The vehicle was still quite new at the time.
    After about 2000 – 3000km on the clock, the handling really improved. I can now drive over that same section of road in 2WD without any problems. In fact, I would say it handles it beautifully. I’m not sure why everything improved, whether things had to “loosen up” a bit, or the electronics needed to “learn” stuff, but I am more than happy with it. Good luck, hope it goes well for you.

  • We bought a 2017 model luxe 6 speed manual. On good roads it great yet when those roads turn bad it’s very dangerous. We spoke with ldv about our concerns and they eventually replaced our front shock absorbers.

    After replacing the front shocks my vehicle was still skipping over rough bumps on the road. I stated my problems again and had to threaten with the Accc and they finally came for a drive but wait I was not allowed to drive and reproduce the issues for them. Brett from ldv stated he would not get in the car with me if I was driving wow I thought.

    We went for a drive and their driver seemed to be avoiding bumps he finally hit one and they felt what I was experiencing first hand. They were quick to say that because of the soft suspension that is how it is and no remedy was offered. I was told previously by them to spend the money on their upgraded suspension from Ateco equipment to fix my problem.

    • Upgrade the suspension to a D-Max/Colorado aftermarket kit as the suspension is all but a D-max copy. I fitted a Raw kit and it now rides great.

  • Went for a test drive in the cab chassis. I got to tell you, there wasn’t one thing in this car that I didn’t like.
    At $26990 it has everything you need in a work ute. 5 yr 130 k warranty.
    I’ve had hiluxs rodeos, rangers and currently on a navara and I’m reluctant to spend $40 k plus on a replacement ute this time around.
    Get one of these and drive it into the ground for 2 years and trade .

  • Im by far no mechanical engineer but if the low power of the engine to protect running gear wouldn’t the towing capacity be less too. Maybe the low power is to give longevity out of the motor and quieter running. Ive heard that these other higher power out put motors are starting to get blobby and oil engine oil leaks.
    Just a thought.

  • Had a look at one yesterday and was impressed it does feel well built and comfortable inside., the chasy is very thick in the middle section of the car and has tie down points on the tub front and sides.
    Apparently they use there own gearboxes and the manual feels a bit notchy but so did the px ford ranger”s.
    Going for a test drive friday.
    Would be good to know what torque rating the gearbox has as we know this engine can deliver far more power

  • The torque does seem very modest given it 3t towing capacity. I think that is something of which prospective buyers would be interested.
    Otherwise, it seems very well equipped for the money.

  • China make 1/2 decent TV’s and camping gear but that’s it ! Their cars suck !!! A Chinese built car is about as good and reliable as a cheap Chinese manufactured camper trailer !

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