This is the 2018 Suzuki Jimny. Leaked!

2018 Suzuki Jimny - revealed
2018 Suzuki Jimny - revealed

Along with the LandCruiser, Patrol and Land Rover, the Suzuki is one of the original 4WDs that really carved out a reputation for great off-road capability and versatility back in the 1970’s. Where others tried to power through with big engines and big wheels, the little Jimny was nimble and light enough to float over the top and zip around the edges of big obstacles, giving it a reputation for capability that lives on today.

2018 Suzuki Jimny, leaked online before it's official reveal.
2018 Suzuki Jimny, leaked online before the official reveal.

After the LJ Suzukis made way for the Sierras, which was then replaced by the Jimny, the recipe has always been the same: a small, lightweight 4X4 with live axles, powered along by a tiny, revvy engine and precious little overhang to get caught up on. And by the looks of things, that tradition is going to stay alive and well.

What we are seeing here looks like the next generation Jimny, which has been leaked on the internet over recent days. We picked the images up via Carscoops, and it looks like someone has been taking some cheeky smartphone pics during a product presentation. What’s great is the images show a Jimny that is  most definitely preaching from the same bible.

The 2018 Suzuki Jimny will retain all of the things that make it individual and great.
The 2018 Suzuki Jimny will retain all of the things that make it individual and great.

Suzuki has been getting back to the fun, quirky designs that have set it apart from the larger manufacturers over the years, and their recent success with the little Ignis shows that fun, original designs do really work. In that vein, Suzuki is really sticking to their guns with the new Jimny. Rather than trying to compete with the umpteen-thousand crossover SUVs trying to look sleek, modern and athletic, Suzuki is sticking to flat slab sides and even flatter glass panels. It’s unmistakably a Jimny, with just the right amount of retro-cool thrown in there.

We can spot trailing arms and radius arms underneath, suggesting the suspension of this new Jimny will follow in the footsteps of the previous model. And while ground clearance isn’t huge with the smaller wheels, clearance angles front and rear are impressive.

2018 Suzuki Jimny interior
The Jimny’s interior looks nicely updated as well, but will no doubt be an overall simple affair.


There isn’t much confirmation about an engine, but there are suggestions that along with the 660cc turbocharged petrol (which makes it a true ‘kei’ car in some markets), the Jimny could wind up with a turbocharged 1.0 or 1.4-litre petrol engine that is used in some other Suzuki products these days.

What do you reckon? Will the 2018 Suzuki Jimny still be relevant, or is it too old-school?


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  • Boyz & Girlz,
    Greetings. This forum is starting to sound like an LJ50/LJ50V nostalgia trip – love it! I spent 10+ years with my yellow LJ50V from new. Went to Melbourne (from Sydney) 11 times & to Brisbane and beyond 13 times – what a highway cruiser NOT! Agree with all the comments, including the negatives – should never have sold her. 2-strokes forever (shame about the telltale smoke trail). An Electronics Australia CDI ignition system did wonders for her. Surface-gap spakplugs were only suitable on the highway, Too ‘cold’ around town – whiskered too easily.
    Regards to all past & present LJ50 owners – those were the days. Am interested in the upcoming Jimny as a retirement vehicle. How’s that for a full circle? Warmest regards, LeW

  • Had an LJ50 – it was great! These days I have a Defender as my daily runner and it is a top 4WD but I have just finished restoring an M151A2 and am totally taken with the concept of a light, small, manouverable 4WD and reckon the new Jimny will suit me down to the ground!! Can’t wait but guess it gives me time to save 🙂

  • The very first car I bought in 1981, was a 390 cc 2 stroke Suzuki from a dealer in Darwin.
    I loved It. It sounded and smelt like a lawn mower on steroids,
    Buying one next year!

  • Looks very similar to the Daihatsu Rocky’s that I owned (soft 84 -87 Darwin and hardtop 87 – 97). Unbelievable little beasts in the bush. The days when going camping meant a tent, esky, gas stove, some food and a slab of beer. Oh and paper maps and no communications. Smaller 4WDs certainly have a place in the Aussie market.

  • I had a LJ50 as my first car. 3 cylinders 540cc two stroke with a top speed of 80km/h at 5500rpm! (Used to use a 6 cyl tacho 3cyl. X 2 stroke). My mates nick named me Ning Ning, after the sound of the engine. It would wheel speed at takeoff with the 5.5 inch wide bar tread tyres in the dry as the contact patch with the road was so small. To drive in the wet was just suicide. Rolled it on its side twice in the bush, got out both times and lifted it back on to its wheels and kept driving. Was it the worst car to give a p plater probably. Was is safe, not even remotely. 4 wheel drum bakes! Was it fun yes. Best car I ever owned absolutely. If prices for the new one are appropriate for equipment then I will get one even it is just for taking me back to my youth.

  • I had the first series 3cylinder 2 stroke in the very eairly 1970s, unstopable, bit Smokey for the greenie, and to slow and rough for the people who did not understand the concept of what they were, so to keep them happy every Suzuki after, has been a steep backwards, big mistake.

  • The link to win a brand new car on this page is ridiculous. By the time you get to the last page of 1000 advertising questions it would be far quicker to go to a far away dealership and buy a 20000 Mitsubishi mirage. Marketing gone mad!..oh yes and put me down for a new jimny.

  • The styling is a big improvement on the current model and harks back to the original no nonsense design. It was probably the cheapest reliable 4×4 you could get into back then if you were not too tall! I think this new one will make a lot of new friends and the aftermarket crowd should jump on it quickly.

    I know suzuki are a stickler for mini cars, but here is the thing. Why not double the size and put in a mix of 2.0l petrol/diesel turbo engines. You would have a lot more buyers wanting a vehicle that is still not too big to fit in the garage or underground carpark, still very capable to carry four in comfort and carry the extra camping gear. Not everybody wants a bloated oversized titanic to tow the house across the Simpson Desert.
    It would still be smaller than the Land Rover 300Tdi which I think was the perfect size, and if they retained the body style, would rival the G Wagon for a no nonsense, practical slab sided body without the price tag.

  • I bought a soft top 2 stroke in 1975 and still remember our first trip
    to Fraser. It was unstoppable. Most trips were to DIP, 3 up. Couldn’t do that on the highway now at 80 downhill with a following breeze!

  • I had a Daihatsu F series SWB in the 1980s when I lived in PNG. It was excellent on rough tracks and fording rivers. never let me down.

  • The name Jimny should revert to Sierra, at least in OZ then it would be a bigger seller. Suzukis are always great vehicles!!

  • Love the Zook’s my first car took me from A to B with lots of C, beach, bush, surfing camping and fishing. She did the lot. I always envied the people with the LWB model just them extra centimetres would have been great. I wonder if an LWB version would be on the cards.

  • Where do we line up ? I had one 40 years ago ! The originals mostly ended up on farms as they were great in the wet without any weight . They could get to spots on the farm where a traditional tractor or 4WD would just get bogged and ruin tracks and pasture . Exactly why I’d buy one now as I have some low ground and seasonal creeks that get inundated in Spring .My ute digs up too much ground getting there to check stock and pasture . A contractor bogged a tractor last year and I thought then my old Suzie would have sailed through .Plus I’d have a cracking little recreational vehicle for weekend fishing or birdwatching trips . I still see Suzies and old Daihatsus being trailered behind the bigger motor homes , another market if they’re cheap enough

  • I have always loved these Suzukis, from the soft top Sierra through to the Jimny and now this one

    The closest thing I have to a Suzuki 4WD is an LTF300 which is incredible. I can dream – One day I will take ownership of the 2018 Jimny and rattle around in the bush.

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