BFG launch free 4X4 navigation app

BFGoodrich have just launched their free 4X4 navigation app, “Off Road Escape”, which offers users the ability to locate and receive information on 4X4 tracks and trails throughout Australia.

Developed with Melbourne based technology company Transpire, the free app allows both live tracking and offline mapping to download at no charge. Besides just being a handy tool to have as a backup mapping option, users can also share trails, tracks, tips, and points of interest with other users on the go.

The app allows you to download maps for offline or out of service locations, create a profile of your vehicle and it’s details, plot a route on the tracks, and save pins and notes of your travels. There is also the BFGoodrich 4×4 Tips and Advice section, live tracking and the ability to search for locations to plan a trip.

On the launch of the app, BFGoodrich Australia’s Marketing Manager, Tim Hoare said, “Our customers are enthusiasts who love to explore nature, challenge themselves and share those experiences with their friends and others within the off road community.”

“Whether you’re joining a weekend expedition with the local 4X4 club or over-landing through the Simpson, the Off Road Escape app simply allows more people to access and explore the hard to reach parts of our Country, in the same way our tyres do.”

The Off Road Escape app is available for free through the Apple iTunes store or by logging onto for further information. At this stage there is no version for Android, and it doesn’t appear that there are plans to launch on that platform.

From our first thoughts after testing the BFG free 4X4 Navigation app it’s not a bad little app, however doesn’t have the scale, features, or seamless use that a fully fledged paid navigation app does.


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  • I am wondering why this app has been made for less than 20% of its possible market?

    So many apps made for iphones and such low market penetration.

  • It would be great to get an app or paid map for my LC200 2013 Sahara, can not find a thing to download to its factory system. Regards Clenton

  • I’ve used this app and it seems pretty good…..especially for free !!!
    Couple of little hiccups but I’m sure they’ll work on it overtime.

    Good stuff guys, good stuff !


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