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Campsite stolen!

campsite stolen
Barrington Tops in snow is just beautiful Photo courtesy of Man Down Photography
Barrington Tops in snow is just beautiful
Photo courtesy of Man Down Photography

A pair of nineteen year old landscape photographers had their complete campsite stolen while they were out taking photos this weekend just past.
The pair, Isaiah Huthnance and Jasper Kilkelly, had set up their camp at Polblue camping area in the Barrington Tops National Park on Sunday night in anticipation of a good snowfall.

They left their camp around 5:30am for a first round of photography returning just after 9am for breakfast, to find all their camping gear gone.

“The swag was gone, thermal sleeping bags, water supply taken, clothes, almost everything was gone” Isaiah said.

The boys' campsite prior to being stolen
The boys’ campsite Sunday night
Photo courtesy Man Down Photography

At first the pair thought the camp had been snowed under, but after looking around they found the remnants of their belongings.

MR4X4 staff all reckon that’s a proper dog act, stealing another’s gear. Especially dangerous in such harsh environmental conditions.

Despite losing around $2000 worth of gear, Isaiah said “I hold no anger to the person who did this and I’m sending them love as that is clearly what they need” and “When you go camping be sure to look out for each other”

That’s a great outlook on life, for sure.

Check out Man Down Photography’s facebook page for more of their great snow views


Do you have a story about theft or calamity while camping? Tell us in the comments section below.


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  • I am 62 years of age and I have experienced people thieving off others all my life.
    Only thing that works is a good flogging.Love wont do much other than make the victim feel better and not stew on it.

  • Unfortunately this is todays wondeful political correct world in our Nanny State. Perhaps they were never told that is is wrong to do what they did. Mongrels.

  • There is scum and there is scum some people don’t respect other people’s rights to go out for the day and think you’re gear is safe what is this world coming to.
    Do you have to leave someone at the camp site every time you want to go and see something Iam really disapointed

  • Recently I took my old savage boat up to Nagambie lakes caravan park and put the boat in the water for the first time since i had bought it. I went for a short run around the lake to see how she handled as she is an old boat, came back, backed up the trailer drove the boat on to the trailer then went to winch it on and some tosser had stolen my winch handle that I had put into the post on the trailer. Only the blue handle was sticking out. I managed to get the boat on enough to gently get the cable on and slowly drive up the embankment then a couple of young fellas helped me push it fully on to the trailer.

    What is Australia coming to when you would steal someone’s gear then leave them in the crap like that?
    A new winch handle cost $25 big deal but it is just the sick feeling of leaving someone like that.
    Same as the other people who commented. I would like to send some camping gear to those two young blokes if i could.

  • Not the first
    We had all our clothes taken from our wind up pop out caravan at Uluru left computers and printer under bedding but took kids, wife’s and my clothes and are hard to replace at Katherine or any where else
    Typical of 2%ers of our population.

  • I recently had a similar experience with our fishing at old adaminaby (lake eucumbene). Early morning fishing went to get some fire wood left the rods on the bank and came back and all gone including my 10 year old son’s brand new b’day present. I confronted the guy that took them after i was told by a couple of other locals who it was he had them in his rod holder on the bull bar but didn’t even have the decentsy to say sorry i just found them. I was lied to and told it was all these other people but because his daughter and wife were there i didn’t break his teeth. Absolute scum couldn’t even do the right thing in front of his little girl.

  • How do we contribute directly to these two young lads, in either cash or kind. I may have a few items of quality camping gear, not in use any more. More into glamping now, at my age!!

  • I helped two guys who had a puncture. I fixed the puncture with my kit, used my jack to elevate the van and my pump to inflate the tyre, When finished one of the guys said I’ll put the pump in your vehicle. but he then pinched my tyre deflator that was in the toolbox. Thats gratitute for you

  • Unbeleivable. This has left me gob smacked. And I can’t claim that I would be without anger . Truth is, I would be looking for revenge for this dispicable and callous act. Hope the law or some form of justice catches up with them.

  • So it’s getting to the stage of having to set up a covert camera in a tree to watch over your campsite. What grubs. Hope the young photographers make a decent amount of money from their photographs. Very disappointed for them.

  • Yeah we were going on a massive ride on the dirt bikes where we needed to do a fuel drop. So we put our fuel containers up hidden off the track at night. rode up there through out the day and got there at lunch and filled up using half our fuel. Luckily, the terrain got super hard and we turned back later in the arvo to our original camp spot. drove up at night again to pick up the containers and take the asphalt on the way to dargo and found some prick stole all our fuel containers. We had names on them and everything…
    had we of ridden then got back the next day we would have been screwed.

  • Well what a great answer from GEE, as he is absolutly right in what he says. This is the time you need a pet 5foot Brown snake in your sleeping bag. Hope Karma bites the scum bags that did this to the guys real hard one day soon. Good luck guys with your photos..

  • “Especially dangerous in such harsh environmental conditions.”
    Wonder if a manslaughter charge would ensue had there been any fatalities?

  • This article is called “Dog Act”.

    I think that says it all.

    Camping and adventure travel in this country is absolutely dependent on people adhering to basic community mindedness. Leave farm gates as you found them. Help a fellow traveller in trouble. Don’t make a lot of noise at night when people are camped nearby. All simple stuff that EVERYONE knows.

    Including the thieves.

    Doubtless the dirty thieving scum were actually camped in Barrington that night themselves, in order to steal all their gear between when they headed off at 0530 and returned at 0900 to find it all gone. How low is that?!

    There’s only one outcome I hope from this article.
    I hope social connection means word quickly reaches the social circles of these selfish thieves, who are held to account for their dog act by their family and friends, recognise the error of their ways, have the actual guts to return the stuff to the police (or notify Mr4x4) and then spend the rest of their lives remembering how the very fabric of our camping and adventuring society depends on treating others as you would like to be treated yourself.

    I’m sure as hell the thieves would not have wanted to return to THEIR camp in the snow to find it all stolen!

    Gracious response from Isaiah – a bloke left in the snow with literally the shirt on his back and everything else taken. Don’t mistake that young man’s message as an acceptance that thieving is ok.

    Nor Grahame the commenter’s response about insurance, it surely isn’t to suggest that thieving is just fine, because hopefully someone is insured. First – who is actually insured for a theft like this? Hardly anyone. Second, even if some rare person is insured for this, it still completely buggers up their camping trip, puts them to the expense of paying excesses (and for any items not covered) and then the whole rigmarole of trying to replace things.

    Finding the money to replace your camping gear is tough at any time in life, not least of all when you are 19.

    One of the great things about camping is that you can go for a bushwalking without first having to pack up your entire camp and lock it inside your fourby. It will not take many instances of this sort of behaviour to ruin the whole shebang. Wake up to yourselves you selfish gits.

  • It might have been good for you to have put in an address or position for these people to re-deposit the missing gear to be returned to its rightful (and generous owners) now that they realise that it wasn’t abandoned. Sometimes a bit of public exposure might have the right effect on someone’s guilt receptors.

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