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Have a closer look at the 2018 Navara’s new dual-rate coils

When we drove the V3 updated 2018 Navara a couple of weeks ago, we found it to be vastly improved. Along with the faster steering, there is one thing that transformed this ute the most: the coil springs. It’s a dual rate setup, which means the coil has different rates at different ends. It’s kind of tricky to explain, so here is a video to show you how they work.



Coil springs are still a relatively new thing for this segment, let alone going into dual-rate territory. It’s a big improvement overall. If you want to check out what lurks under the bonnet of this Navara, check out this video:



What do you think of these changes to the 2018 Nissan Navara? Does this make it one of the best options for a ute on the market? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • I have a 2016 model ST X and have been asking(verbally) dealer about ‘upgrades’ or recalls. Nothing doing is the response. I guess it means wait for a towing accident or something like that to occur!!!!

  • I think it’s a step in the right direction. I’m in the market for a new vehicle and am seriously considering the Navara, partly because I have owned Nissans before and had trouble free run with them (but only time will tell with these new hi-tech engines) and partly because Nissan is pushing the boundaries in suspension set up and as not all of wants to carry a Ton in the tray the loaded/unloaded compromise is acceptable. Just my 2 cents worth.

  • So many people don’t know that the series 1 had progressive rate coils exactly as this one does. Nissan went to a linea rate on the series 2 so that obviously didn’t work so they went back to the series 1 spec coil.
    And adding more coil winds actually makes the spring softer. Not harder as said in the video.
    Need more experienced people doing these videos so people get the correct info

  • How is it that 30yrs ago holden and ford utes could carry a load and be comfortable to ride in.
    Manufactures nowdays are just cheap.
    Small motors are crap under load,nothing beats cubic inches for loads and economy. With all the manufacturers fudging figures for sales (we know that’s all they really care about) we are not going to get a decent 4by from any of them soon.

  • The steering and suspension upgrades sound like a necessary upgrade, but I won’t be buying. I don’t like the way manufacturers (not just Nissan) are using smaller capacity engines and relying on twin turbo’s to give them grunt. I won’t be parting with my 3 Litre, 7 speed auto, V6 diesel ST-X 550 for any money. It’s towier than a Roman sandal and pulls my off-road van with ease. I just have to be wary I’m not creeping up over the 100 kph mark without noticing when towing. It cost half as much as a most big V8 diesels and uses a lot less fuel. So until Nissan brings back a V6 diesel I’ll be hanging on tight to my 550.

  • Love my 2010 Navara D40 but won’t be buying another Nissan unless the leaf springs return. Have seen far too many dual cabs with chassis damage caused by over-hang weight with the new suspension configuration. Simple solution to bring back leaf springs, what were the Engineers/Designers thinking by abolishing leafs ????

  • seeing Nissan were aware of the problem with soft springs(rear end sag) you would they would offer a retro fit to early buyers

  • 150 kilos half its payload and its been bottoming out just like my d40 did with less payload thank god for old man emu my factory rear shocks lasted less than 10,000 kilometres.
    Progressive rate spring are not a new thing

  • As mentioned above, the more coils the softer the spring, also it’s not a car its a dual cab and it doesn’t have a motor [that’s electrical] it has an engine. Very amateurish video IMO

    • Hi Graeme, I’ve only towed with 1,600kg so far. It handled it quite well, the driveline is a good performer. But I can’t tell you definitely about heavier loads than that (yet).

  • Had a look at the video and need to correct a mis-statement by Sam in the video
    Sam said that “there are more coils in the spring and that makes it stiffer” That is not correct. As he said thicker wire makes a stiffer spring but ALSO LESS coils make a stiffer spring. That’s why dual rate springs like this work. As the upper coils short out the effective (operational) number of coils left to absorb movement is less and the spring rate goes up accordingly.
    Just a slip of the tongue I’m sure Sam but needs to be pointed out.

  • Relatively new to the segment? The Land Rover Defender has had rear coils since the early nineties.
    I’d be looking at swapping the coils with airbags if I owned a Navara.

  • Having been a Navara owner for over fifteen years I think this nails it. The suspension and engine upgrades are well overdue, but yes finally a quality bit of kit from Nissan.

  • Surely the top coils are closed up already by the looks of it and don,t provide any spring action at all. Not totally convinced! I would like to see some gaps there to actually have some spring action.

  • I currently own a D40 Navara which is 11yrs
    old , has been a great ute. I am waiting for Nissan to wise up and put the v6 back in the Navara with leaf springs on rear again, that way they’ll get better sale numbers because I wouldn’t tow a caravan with the current set up.

  • Hello I like what they have done to the suspension but I have a 2013 stx Nissan ute with old man emu suspenion on it and airbages with a travelander on the back it had 50000k on it and it destroyed the back wheel bearings so my question is its good to have done up the suspensoin but what about the other parts have they done anyrhing about them so they can handle it. Chrs Peter

  • More coils is softer, not harder as stated.

    It’s didficult to see the plastic coil insulation lasting more than a few thousand km of off-road use.

  • So apart from a slightly tighter steering it’s just updated springs that’s been changed? Like most 4wders I’d be adding an after market lift anyway. Will the aftermarket guys be offering dual rate lift kits i wonder…

  • I have the version 2 and have no problem with the steering or the suspension. I tow a 2.2 tonne caravan with and about 250kg in the tray. After using a Disco 3 prior it is a massive improvement over that. The Navara as a daily driver is much nicer than any of the other double cabs and we test drove them all before we made our choice. Personally I have no complaints with Navara

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